Monday, December 5, 2022

Ruto breaks 50% women in cabinet promise

When he was seeking for the presidency, Dr. William Ruto had pledged that half of his cabinet would be made up of women.

In this promise which was also contained in his election manifesto, women would take 11 positions out of the 22 positions required by law.

However, in the appointments he made on Tuesday at State House Nairobi, Dr. Ruto only appointed seven women into cabinet

These included:

1). Cabinet Secretary For Water and Irrigation – Alice Wahome

2). Cabinet Secretary For Tourism – Peninah Maloba

3). Cabinet Secretary For Health – Susan Wafula

4). Cabinet Secretary For East African Community – Rebecca Miano

5). Cabinet Secretary For Environment and Forestry – Roselinda Tuya

Full list of cabinet secretaries appointed by Ruto

6). Cabinet Secretary For Public Service and Gender – Aisha Jumwa

7). Cabinet Secretary For Labour and Social Protection – Florence Bore

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