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Social Online Games Market in Kenya 2014-2023

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Kenya’s gaming industry has seen significant growth in the last ten years, and social games are among the most popular online games. Social games are online games that allow for social interaction between players, and these include board games, card games, interactive multiplayer video games, and social network games.

Social casinos are the biggest branch of social gaming, and they allow gamblers to play and wager on their favorite social games online. Unlike playing on other social platforms such as Facebook, online casinos guarantee maximum safety, and you can always be sure to find other players who are available to compete regardless of the day of time.

To get recommendations for the best online casinos, you can always check casino reviews for Kenyans to help you make an informed decision. Most of these casinos allow you to start wagering for free before proceeding to play for real money which is an excellent option if you are a beginner.

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Overview of the Social Online Games Market in Kenyan From 2014-2023

The value of the social online games market in Kenya has seen an exponential increase from 2014 to 2020, and according to Statista, it is estimated to be worth up to 55 million U.S dollar by 2023.

As such, the market has attracted more investors, thus seeing an increase in the number of platforms offering online social games.  Here is a timeline that breaks down the value of the social online games market in Kenya.

YearOnline Social Games Market Value

(In million U.S Dollar)


From the data above, it is clear that this market has been increasing steadily and we can only expect it to thrive more in the coming years based on the following factors

Increased Access to Internet Connection

More and more Kenyans have access to internet connections and with the increasing number of internet service providers and cheaper rates, many people are finding it easy to access to the internet.  The internet has provided links between players and social game providers which means that players have access to a wide range of games all thanks to the internet.

Smartphone Penetration

Another factor that has contributed to the growing popularity of online social games is the increasing number of smartphone users. Since most of these games are compatible with several mobile devices such as Android, iOS, and Windows, most players even in the rural areas can play these games as long as you have a smartphone and internet connection.  Better yet, with mobile gaming, you don’t have to be restricted to your computer, and you can play your favorite game while on the go, which is a great way to pass time.

Entertainment Venture Where You Can Earn Money

Online social games are not only a great source of entertainment, but when you play at online social casinos for real money and win, you can walk away with reasonable amounts. There are ardent gamblers who have mastered these games, and they participate in such competitions professionally. However, this is not to mean that you cannot play these games for free.


Social online games are most popular because of their sociability aspect and the fact that you not only get to play with people online, but you can also communicate with each other through the live chat option.  Thus, this is not only a great way to pass time, but you also get to meet and interact with new friends online.

The Future of Online Casino Games

The future of online casinos in Kenya looks very promising, and with an estimated value of 55 million U.S Dollars by 2023 we can expect more software providers to venture into this growing market which will mean Kenyan players will have access to a wide range of social games.

If you have not yet considered playing these games, it wouldn’t break a bone to try since you can play for free, and as long as you are 18 years or above, you are not restricted from gambling online for real money.

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