‘Soldier’ as he is known by the locals says successful farming is all about proper timing and planning, a ‘secret’ he is not afraid of sharing. “Yes, farming is all about timing and planning when to grow, harvest and sell.

I have figured that all out and that is what sets me apart,” says Modi.  Usually, he grows kales in dry spells.  “At that time, sukuma wiki is like gold,” he says.  To boost his income, he hopes to upscale kale production by October and targets an income of Sh50,000 per week come “I have already acquired another five-acre farm to grow more sukuma wiki and cowpeas,” says the farmer.

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The ex-military officer says farming has greatly transformed his life. “Since I am not entitled to any retirement benefits, I rely on farming to keep me going and take care of my family,” Modi says. Despite the prospects, the farmer says pests and diseases are a big challenge in Sukuma Wiki Farming . He is also quick to advise farmers not to be quick to duplicate what they hear and read about other farms.



  1. This is really great. I hope to venture into agribusiness soon. I’ll go by your advice. Not replicating what I see in other firms

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