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9 critical things you should know when applying for US Visa

The US Visa is highly coveted. It is equally elusive. Many people get rejections. Only a few are successful. If you have tried to apply and failed, what could have gone wrong? If you are applying for the first time, what should you know?

These are the questions that Kenia Kanaiza who offers consultations on the application processes and interview readiness addressed in this article. Here’s what she said on what you need to know when applying for US Visa:

It’s been a minute since we talked about the coveted US visa, especially B1/B2 and F1.

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We are still learning lessons that can help us when we attend the embassy interviews. Whether it’s your first time or you’re going for a renewal, here are some more things I’ve picked along the way.

1). Apparently even having a full scholarship isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get the F1 visa. If you’re denied the visa, try to figure out what went wrong before you return to the embassy to try again. Otherwise you will just be racking up denials and making it harder to get a visa in future. Get someone to coach you before your interview, if unsure.

2). If you already got the visa and you travel to the US, don’t stay for six months, even though they tell you that you can stay that long. It will give you trouble when you want to renew. And worst case scenario, you may be returned to your home country after you’ve arrived at the port of entry.


3). Having a travel history, especially outside of Africa, can greatly improve your chances of getting the visa. It’s not the only thing they look at, but it helps.

Kenyan who boldly called out US Embassy Nairobi gets US visa

4). Please polish up on your English and your eye contact skill. English may not be a measure of intelligence in your country, but at that embassy, it will help you greatly.


5). If you’re not sure how to handle the application and interview, please consult with people (like me) who can help ease your tension by coaching you for the interview. You can still do it alone, it’s not hard, but if in doubt, please look for us travel consultants. We do our best to help.

6). Beware of scammers in this our country. No one can guarantee you a US visa, so don’t go forking out hundreds of thousands in the name of someone helping you get a visa. Even US embassy employees aren’t guaranteed the visa. How much less you?

7). The US visa isn’t a matter of life and death. Don’t put all your body, mind, soul,  spirit, and money into it. Just be easy. If you get it, great. If not, you live to fight another day.

8). If you have questions, please talk to me via inbox.

9). Those who come to say that I’m lying and such things, write your own post instead or feel free to write your truth in the comment section.

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