It’s no secret that Kenyans will always need a place to live. This is why the real estate market is a good one to get into. However, it’s so important to consider the nuances that make a career as a realtor challenging. In order to make things happen for your business, it’s important to consider the pros and cons.

However, it’s even more important to utilize the right tools. Once you develop the right skill set and have the right tools, you can maintain a successful career in real estate sales. One of the most effective tools you can use is the internet. Consider these seven ways you can use the internet to your advantage.

Build a website
If you’re not someone who is technologically-savvy, hire someone to build a website for you. You can also opt to install a template or purchase a ready-made site. Your website is considered your online real estate. You don’t want to make the effort of building a name for yourself on someone else’s platform without making sure you develop your own. On your website, you can include a blog that you regularly update. You can also share your professional biography and contact information. It’s also wise to showcase some of the most recent listings that you’ve sold and the current listings that are for sale.

Host a live streaming event
One of the best ways to showcase some of your current listings involves using the live features on various social media platforms. Make sure that you have a good WiFi connection so that you can connect to the platforms. Turn on all of the lights in the house so that viewers can really see what the house looks like. Always get permission from the current homeowners before displaying their home on the internet. It’s also a good idea to make an announcement a day prior to the live stream. This is because you can attract more potential buyers when they’re well aware of the live stream in advance.

Develop an email list
When you build your website, be sure to include a pop-up notification that allows people to put in their email address to remain in touch with you. Since the email address is considered sacred, there are many people who don’t like to give it out without an incentive. You can provide many types of incentives in exchange for the email address. Create an e-book or a report that covers the top ways future home buyers can prepare themselves for the process. Make sure the incentive is directly related to your industry.

Send out weekly e-newsletters  
Once you have their email address, send weekly newsletters that are informative, helpful and consistent. You can cover an array of relatable topics such as real estate, business and politics. Just make sure that all of the information goes through the vein of home ownership. Your customers should always understand your viewpoint and selling points as a realtor.

Produce content on YouTube
The use of video is such an impactful tool when you’re trying to get a message to the masses. Statistics about video marketing show that it is one of the most popular formats on the Internet. YouTube is extremely helpful because it is in the top rankings as the second most visited website in the world. With this type of traffic, it doesn’t make sense for anyone to avoid this website. Create videos that talk about how to buy a home in Kenya. Don’t forget to talk about any new laws related to Kenyan real estate and more. When subscribers view you as an informative resource, they’re more likely to tune in, change their mindset and tell others about what they’ve learned from you.

Use search engine optimization strategies
If you choose to start a blog on your website, regularly update that blog. Try to do it at least three times a week. When you do this, it’s good to implement search engine optimization strategies. Find keywords that will direct potential customers to your website. Place the main keyword in specific areas of the blog post. Download a widget like Yoast to help you navigate the process. This isn’t a get-customers-quick strategy. In fact, if you commit to the process for at least six months to a year, your website will one of the first to pop up in the search engines once specific keywords populate the search bar.

Use social media platforms
Social media platforms are extremely impactful when they’re used correctly. Post on a daily basis. Use the right hashtags that will bring targeted traffic. Run ads on the platforms. Make sure you present a polished and professional look to the platforms you choose to use. Create your content ahead of schedule so that you don’t fall behind. Don’t forget to showcase yourself. Use your personality to get people through the door. People buy from other people. Make sure your personality communicates that others would want to buy from you.

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