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Kenya ranks poorly in quality of life in World Citizenship Report 2024

The World Citizenship Report is the world’s first-ever endeavour to investigate the value of citizenship through the lens of the global citizen. (FE Online)

The CS Global Partners World Citizenship Report (WCR) reveals key insights into Kenya’s safety, economics, and quality of life in 2024.

In groundbreaking new research released in the CS Global Partners World Citizenship Report (WCR), Kenya ranked #120 out of the 188 countries studied. This is a decline in rankings compared to last year’s report, when Kenya ranked as #110.

Using an innovative research methodology, the WCR uses the World Citizenship Index to rank the 188 countries studied. The World Citizenship Index is an innovative tool that takes a holistic approach to ranking the world’s citizenships across multiple dimensions.  

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Namely, the WCR measures countries across five motivators that global citizens care most about – Safety and Security, Economic Opportunity, Quality of Life, Global Mobility and Financial Freedom.

Kenya saw a fall in its overall rankings, though its rankings for safety and finance slightly improved.


In 2024, Kenya was ranked 121 out of the 188 countries studied for the Safety and Security motivator, whereas in 2023 the country ranked 122.

Similarly, in the Financial Freedom motivator of citizenship, Kenya was ranked 111 in 2024, an improvement of one place from its 112 ranking in 2023.

A more marked decline was apparent in WCR metrics studying economic opportunity. In 2024 Kenya ranked 91 for the Economic Opportunity motivator, while in 2023 Kenya ranked 80.


In both 2024 and 2023, Kenya ranked near the bottom for the Quality of Life pillar: 130 out of 188 countries studied.

The full text of the CS Global Partners WCR 2024 can be found at


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