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Worst companies to work for in Kenya

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Worst paying jobs in Kenya: With over 300,000 graduates entering the job market every year in Kenya leading to an exponential increase in the number of unemployed youth, some employers are taking advantage of this unfortunate occurrence by exploiting these unemployed youths, who work for longer hours at very minimal allowances/salaries.

  “Currently, very few workers feel confident enough to make demands of their employers. With the Kenyan economy enduring the worst downturn in decades, lots of workers in the Kenya are happy to have a job, any job” – says Victor Matara. There are places, though, where it’s so tough to live that employees can still get companies to pay them extra just for agreeing to work there. Most of the companies that will be on our list are companies that make work miserable for their workers.


This is a is the state-run media organization in Kenya. Most workers at the station who work hard are on a monthly pay of between KShs 8,000 (approx. US$96.50) and KShs 30,000 (approx. US$361.88) despite the fact that they are highly educated while some workers who were brought by senior managers related to them and earn more than them.

2. Brookside Dairy Ltd/Fresher/Daima

Worst paying jobs in Kenya

Despite making billions every year, these milk dairies can’t afford to pay their employees good salaries. Starting salary for employees in these companies is Ksh15, 000


Worst paying jobs in Kenya

K24 is ranked the second worst media houses to work for in Kenya after KBC. Apart from top journalists who are paid up to Ksh500, 000, several junior journalists and reporters are paid as low as Ksh25,000.

4. Kenindia /Madison/ Amaco Insurance firms

The average salary in these insurance companies is Ksh 25,000. What is disgusting here is the fact that senior managers are paid as high as Ksh 600,000 per month but the staff under them is living by the grace of God.

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  1. i do not blame the employer as this is because they ministry of labour and worker reps starting from COTU to individual unions are not interested in the welfare of workers but rather what they can siphon from the worker as union dues on a monthly basis.

    • sure, everything has been left barely on the hand of individuals to handle the grievances. today unions, representatives and other bodies are just branded organizations corned with mandate which they have no derivatives nor they cannot handle. its only those who have a revelation of the parable of “Lazarus and the rich man” can understand the pain of mwananchi and the excitement of the mwenyenchi.

  2. True,I started my mtumba business after uchumi collapsed…today i get profit of…60000 per months.. Fro uchumis 15000….call for proof..0722970331

    Low pay, toxic (Nancy) and poor management . In 2018 she had a turn over of 18 employees. In 2019 as at October, she had a employee turnover of 22! Worst Ever

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