Top Facebook Groups in Kenya: Social media muscle has stretched small businesses, totally cutting down the costs of operations, increasing the productivity of business and making them grow exponentially. Entrepreneurs have switched from the old fashioned way of having a premise, or an offline market to sell their products. With social media, there is less hustle, more money, and more clients coming on board.

For agribusiness products, Facebook has been a very useful tool in bridging the gap between the buyer and the seller, connecting them almost spontaneously and closing up on deals pretty fast. Facebook groups have become so popular at this time and age that with a ready market and much information at their disposal. If you have been struggling to lay hands on customers for your products or showcase them, these groups will be your turning point.

1.Digital Farmers Kenya

From poultry farming, microgreen, mushroom growing, dairy farming, fresh farm production, rabbit rearing to aquaponics, you will not miss a thing or two about agribusiness that will be in line with your business. With over 300,000 members, you can get farming ideas and learn the latest farming technologies that can improve farming practices. Farmers can also sell their farm produce on this group. Click here to join


2. Kienyeji Poultry Farming Kenya

With everyone putting their hands on poultry farming, to be on the competitive edge, you must keep up with the market trends, identify gaps in the niche and advertise your products thoroughly. This group has over 70,000 members, in the line of poultry farming. All your questions about poultry farming can be addressed by expertise and veterans. Click here to join

3. Dairy Farming Kenya

Over 280,000 members on board, Dairy Farming Kenya addresses dairy farming in its full spectrum. It is a resourceful platform with information on how to treat and feed your dairy cows, how to process your products, where to sell them. Dairy farming being a profitable venture in the Agricultural Sector, entrepreneurs stand a chance to make the most out of it. To join click

4. Green House Farming Kenya

The concept of a greenhouse is one that has boosted production in agriculture. From Tomatoes, Onions, Vegetables, Fruits, to Flowers, this line of products provides many options to choose from.  There is plenty of knowledge, Ebooks, and questions that members in this group engage in. If you want to venture into horticulture, and you want to be at per with the rest, this platform can jump start you. To join click

5. Rabbit Breeders Kenya

Aligning with your kind in rabbit rearing, this group was created to help all the rabbit farmers, breeders, meat sellers, and brokers network and find each other. It is a resource with lots of information on the emerging rabbit rearing in Kenya,  different rabbit breeds reared in Kenya, their potential market, how to rear them and the various breeders in Kenya. To  join click here


6. Farming In Kenya,

To join click

7. Mkulima  Online Market

To join click

8. Youths in Farming

To join click

9. Farmers Market Kenya

To join click

10. Africa Farmers Club

To join click

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