To start up, one or nurture it successfully, there is a handful of rules that have to be kept.

1. Agriculture is for anyone, farm business is not

Almost anyone can manage a kitchen garden, nurture some potted flowers or feed a gold fish in an aquarium. But when it comes to agribusiness, there is a lot more involved.
It is therefore important to start by giving a cold reality check to your passion in agribusiness. Consider whether you really have the time and energy your enterprise will need; because like any other business, it will take both passion and commitment to thrive.

2. Farm business is more than passion

Besides the passion to grow crops and rear animal, you also need to have some basic skills in business. Numerous farmers have carried their passion to the farm and hoped to make it. They soon realise you need a few more skills to succeed. Some knowledge in basic bookkeeping, people management and some aptitude in marketing are paramount.

3. Match your farm with the best venture

Your farm could possibly support a number of agribusiness ventures. But before you engage in any, conduct a thorough survey of other alternative uses and adopt the best alternative. Whereas it is easier to grow what everyone else is growing, venturing into new frontiers is one of the best ways of steering off stiff competition.

4. Start by scouting for the best markets

It is much easier to grow anything than it is to market it profitably. Before executing any plan, start by scouting for the best market. Some of the unexploited avenues include online marketing, contract business with schools, hospitals and other institution and regional markets.

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5. Start small, set reasonable goals

Starting small gives you an opportunity to make mistake without paying heavily for it. At times it’s the best way to learn. First get the experience and then grow your business.

6. Keep important contacts

The moment you get into farm business, nothing can take the place of experience. It is important to keep the contacts of people who could be useful at your hour of need. You can also gain many useful contacts by participating in farmer’s forums and training programmes.

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