Thursday, May 26, 2022

Best buy for business between Isuzu FRR 90 and Fuso Fi

Isuzu FRR 90 vs Fuso Fi: These two trucks have traversed our country Kenya and generation after generation have been in a stiff battle with each in a quest to reign supreme.

Ladies and gentlemen, today we compare and contrast the new generation Isuzu FRR 90 and the New Generation Fuso Fi.

The most important thing to note is that these two new generation trucks are coming with smaller engines. This is because global motor vehicle manufacturers are on a quest to achieve better fuel economy and reduced emotions.

Isuzu FRR 90

We start with the all new FRR 90. On the roads they are calling it “The Slayqueen”

Powered by a 5200cc (5193) 4HK1-TCC engine that is turbo charged with a direct mode of fuel injection via a common rail; the all new FRR 90 is more powerful and more efficient compared to the older FRR 33, churning out some 190 Horsepower and 510Nm of torque at 1900 RPM.

When you got more power, you need a better stopping ability.

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The braking system consists of full air over hydraulic dual circuit brakes (primary) and both engine and exhaust for auxiliary braking.

The Fuso Fi

The Fi, now referred to as “Mzito wa Africa” looks nothing close to its predecessor; the mighty FH215. The Fi has some Indian touch on it and has since lost the “Mitsubishi” badge and now carries the Fuso badge.

The reason behind this; well in February 0f 2014, Mitsubishi Fuso and Bus (Japan) rolled out their plan to have 5 strategic trucks in their production line built in India, Bangladesh and a few other Asian countries. These trucks were to be co- developed by  Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG and a full-fledged commercial vehicle player in the Indian market and the only Daimler entity worldwide with a brand dedicated to its home market: BharatBenz. The trucks were mostly to be sold in several African countries Kenya being one of them. Now with that lets get to ho the new Fi performs.

It is powered by a 4000cc (3907cc) 4D37 direct injection turbo charged diesel engine from Mitsubishi. It churns out some 170hp @ 2500 rpm and  520 Nm of torque @ 1500 rpm sent to the rear wheels by a 6 speed manual transmission.

Its predecessor the FH215 had a braking issue and that has been resolved in the Fi. It comes with Full air S-cam Dual circuit primary brakes with engine and exhaust brake for auxiliary braking.

The Tie Breaker:

The FRR 90 is more powerful compared to the Fi but on the other hand the Fi has more torque. When it comes to fuel consumption the Fi can achieve better fuel economy compared to the FRR90. Both have a wide service interval range of about 15000km.

The Fi has a superior braking system with a brake booster in each wheel end. With the new 7th Gen FRR 90, a few complaints have been recorded from drivers on braking.

The Fi also boasts of better ground clearance making it more ideal for going off road when on load.

Both trucks are currently going for almost the same price for the cab and chassis. It is now easy to acquire any of the two with financing facilities now available up to 95%.

For more, you can engage with me on Car-nversations with Wokabi.

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