The luxury of high-end malls and overpriced products are an expensive cup of tea for many Kenyans who are struggling with wrapping their heads around January 2019. But survival is the only way to cope up with these tough economic times where politicians wake up one day and flip the script on you without batting an eyelid.

For entrepreneurs with great business acumen, whether rain or sun, ends have to be met and the numbers must add up. In the streets of Nairobi, its a game of numbers with products competing against time for the ever-ready market flocking from left right and center.

The streets of Nairobi taste money 365 days a year. If you have secured a good spot, boom, money starts flowing. Here are street businesses that are forever thriving and making money in the streets of Nairobi.

1. Drug stores.

Opening up a drug store in the streets of Nairobi is very rewarding. With economies of sale and the whole idea of selling at both at wholesale and retail prices, becomes a very good pricing policy to win over both returning and new customers. Providing a whole range of products for your customers makes it easy to satisfy their undying demand. With as little as Ksh 50,000, you can buy some stock.

2. Cosmetic stores

In this era of slaying queens and everyone sensitive about their looks. Cosmetic stores attract lots of business. The likes of Best lady, have been in the market diversify and increasing their stocks to fully satisfy their customers. Basics products like perfumes, make up kits, other accessories for ladies do well extremely well in CBD. You can invest as little as 20,000

3. Phones, laptops, computers and its accessories

One of the fast moving products thriving in the streets of Nairobi is selling laptops, phones, and computers. Although phones sell more than any of the above, there is still a big market for the products, the good thing with phones and its accessories, it has opened other avenues of business like phone repairs which are doing pretty well. You can invest as much as Ksh 100,000

4. Supermarkets.

The convenience of shopping in town is one that many love to exploit. With competition from the different names operating in the industry, for a consumer, its easy to take advantage of special offers, discounts and have a different customer experience. When you know you can shop and catch a matatu just a few feet away, you become a frequent shopper. The revenues generated by the supermarket from your expenditure are definitely supernormal, compared to the money put in the business.

5. Matatu business.

The transport industry is one that is very robust, Even through the toughest of times, they reap huge profits, because they are a necessity to many. With CBD, being a connecting point for all employers within or without, all going home in the outskirts of Nairobi, the Matatu SACCOs make enough to last them a couple of the first hard months of January.

6. Restaurants.

Food comes first. Heavy breakfast, nutritious drinks, dates, eat outs. Entrepreneurs in this line of business smile all the way to the bank. Considering, buying food products in large amounts is much cheaper, and selling them in small portions at doubled prices, and paying your workers little enough to come to work the following, the net profits are enough to invest into another business.

7. Banks and Mpesa Agents.

Financial institutions are everywhere in town. Cheques, deposits, loans, inquiries, withdrawals over the counter, and other services and products offered by banks very much utilized by the high population frequenting CBD. It becomes really strategic to have a bank agent because there will always be money exchanging hands every time.

8. Clothe lines and shoe stores

Fashion and business are such a perfect combination. Understanding that Kenyans love to look flashy and expensive, and good markets like Eastleigh to give your endless supply, whether you run a men’s, women, children collections, consumers will always come to satisfy their needs.

9. Colleges and universities

For working class, enrolling for a part-time program that is just a drive away, will be very realistic to your busy work schedules. City campuses become a very powerful product for the universities and colleges in making money and an easy way for employees to work and study at the same time.

10. Cybers

Internet usage has become so popular, with printing and design coming in handy. There are a lot of businesses and people in town in dire need of cyber services, like research, online applications, printing, typing. On its own this business is very sustainable.

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