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Junk 1994 Mercedes Benz 290GD that sold at over Sh. 2.5mn in Kabete

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A 1994 Mercedes Benz 290GD shocked many after selling at Sh. 3 million during an auction that was held in May 2023.

The vehicle, suspected to have been 29 years old had a reserve price of Sh. 20,000. The vehicle was one of two that exceed Sh. 1.5 million.

The vehicles were being sold by the Ministry of Agriculture at its Karlo facilities along Waiyaki Way.

According to Parmurick Young who attended the auction, one of the two vehicles sold at Sh. 2.9 million while the other sold at Sh. 3 million.

The bidding started with a base of Sh. 20,000 before it quickly escalated to Sh. 1.5 million leaving the auction in shock.

At one point, the auction announcer was so befuddled by the bids that he asked what was so unique about the vehicle to warrant the high bids it was receiving.

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The vehicle was one of fifteen vehicles that were on the auction that was attended by about 50 bidders.

The sale left a sour taste in the mouth of some bidders who felt that some of the bids were unrealistic and the bidders would not pay up the millions they had quoted

Pay Sh. 1.7mn for this junk car or lose your land, Nyeri grandpa told

The sale elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans, with some doubting the prices.

“Highest bidder wont honor the bid forcing for private treaty which is done behind closed door. This can be sold as scrap 40,000,” one Kenyan commented.

There was also opinion that the high bids were deliberately aimed at discouraging potential buyers.

“After some days watasema jamaa alishindwa Ku raise the Sh. 2.4 million, so watarudisha back to the reserved price then some one close ama counterpart wa huyo buyer ndio atalipa hio Sh. 20,000,” another Kenyan commented.

“On government Auction when viewing dates opens and you identify what you want,you pay in upfront amount to the officer, auctioneers,then the auction day your work is just to mention high bids just to scare anyone interested.”

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