Nextdoor social media network
Nextdoor social media network

If you happen to be in any real estate Facebook group, then you know that every day there’s a real estate agent asking about some paid leads program and whether it’s worth the money. However,there is no need for throwing cash when is come to some online lead generating sources. Here are  free overlooked online lead generation opportunities real estate agents are not taking advantage of;

1.Google My Business

This is quite possibly the lowest hanging fruit for real estate agents, and it’s still untapped. Just open new tab and google “real estate agent near me.” More than likely a map will pop up, and you’ll see a list of real estate agents near you. After the map is open, grab and pull it over your home. Take note of the agents, not just to spy but also to see the competition level.

To get started you simply need to head over to and set up your account. Google My Business is completely free and allows you to pop up for a very heavy buyer intent search – meaning the people looking really want an agent . Once you log into your verified account, you can add photos, link to videos and even make weekly posts about specials, recommend new listings or open house announcements.

2. Nextdoor

This online generating app is mostly used my people living in a planned community. Nextdoor is like Facebook for neighborhoods. It doesn’t sound too inventive, but it’s a relatively new social media platform that is address based. Essentially, it allows everyone in a geographic area to share posts. Yard sales, neighborhood watch and community events are what seems to be getting the most play on it for now. Nextdoor is just waiting for real estate agents to grab on to it.

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With these two online platforms,you can easily make your real estate business thrive in every aspect.

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