4 things your boss does not tell you


1. “You are faking illness”

Some employees when they want to be away from work but they do not have a genuine excuse, they might opt to lie to their boss that they are sick in order to be given permission. What such employees are not aware of is that their employer is not dumb and he/she can really tell if a person is sick or not.

Some employees go an extra mile to investigate if a particular worker was really unwell.

Once it is discovered that you have lied to your senior it could lead to serious repercussions including loss of your job.

Most bosses were once junior employees and they have experienced most of characters exhibited by their employees. So before going to lie to your boss about being sick think twice!

2. “I monitor your social media activities”

A number of companies are strict about monitoring the company’s image to outsiders. Some bosses monitor their employees’ social media activity to ensure the image they display does not in any away affect the image of the company.

Always be careful about what you post or share on social media, because you never know your boss could be watching!

Research shows a number of companies have laid off their employees due to reckless behavior on social media.

As an employee, always be careful about the image you display out there away from the office.

3. “You are my favorite employee”

Usually an employer will avoid telling a specific employee publicly they are their favorite employee. Bosses, just like anybody else, have a tendency to grow fond of a particular employee. But they will avoid telling them so as not to interfere with their and other employees’ day to day performance and character.

This is because some employees, once they aware they are their boss’ favorite employee might start acting like a boss to their fellow employees.

4. “I am looking for your replacement”

There could be a number of reasons that may make an employer start looking for the replacement of a particular employee. One may be a consistent poor performer, lack correct work ethics, constantly demand for a raise or too old.

Bosses are aware of the characters of each of their employers, once they have had enough of a particular employee who is unfit for the job they will immediacy start looking for their replacement.

As an employee, always do your best and strive for excellence at your work, because you never know your replacement might be on the way!

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