Mobile Money Lending Apps are such a blessing we cannot afford to ignore. In as much as they practise usury, we cannot appreciate the one thousand plus one times they have been a knight in shining armour. There are many mobile money lending apps, providing financial assistance to very many Kenyans in dire need of quick short loans. From Safaricom’s M-shwari, Okash, Timiza, Tala, to Branch just to mention but a few. The question is, how do you make these apps your needs whenever you are in distress?

1. Download the app on your smart phone.

These apps have been customized to ease operations done using a simple smart phoone. Once you have the app, you are just a breathe away from getting that money you have been struggling to borrow from friends and foes. The apps have simple instruction to guide you through until the last step.

2. Save as much as you can to increase your loan limits.

For M-shwari, the more you save the higher your loan limit. You have to keep that account active depositing and withdrawing often. This is one way the lenders are able to assess your creditworthiness. When you have saved enough, you won’t have to borrow elsewhere to repay that loan. Besides, you might now settle for one reliable app than having plenty at ago.

3. Repay your loans on time.

Defaulting payments for mobile apps can be really gruesome. You don’t want to be blacklisted by the Credit Reference Bureau because you could not repay such a small loan on time. Some of this apps have incentives to encourage you to repay the loan on time; they cut down the interest charges and refund it to your account. You should take advantage of such incentives.

4. Ask for small amounts that can be repaid instantly.

The only way these apps will be quick to give you a loan is when you are in a position to repay it almost instantly. They will be generous enough to give you small loans petty fast. Remember the more you transact with them the higher the chance to grow your loan limits.

5. Do not borrow from more than ten apps at once.

There is always the temptation to jump from one app to another borrowing money because they are very separate entities. It’s good and bad. Bad in that, you might delay in paying back the loans and the interest rates may discourage you completely from using these mobile money lending apps.

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