The subject on sales is surrounded by so many myths. Some say that you must convince someone to buy your product or services, while some say that the price of a product will determine your sales. Others feel that when a customer says No, they have failed terribly in the process.

In our monthly Bizna SME Forum held at August Seventh Memorial Park, our keynote speaker Joe Githinji unfolded the reality about sales and the process of selling, shedding light on its cores.

For Joe selling must obey the three F’s; Fit for Purpose, Functionality such that it is specified and Finances must be in the picture. Meaning sales and the selling process if well understood can pay off handsomely. Simply move the burden from the seller to the buyer.

Here are 7 steps that will see you close that sales deal without batting an eyelid.

1. Prospecting.

You cannot have a blanket of the audience. You need to be very specific and choosy  on who makes it to your target list. With prospecting the rule of 5 applies. For every five people, you interact with one is a potential client.

2. Connectivity.

The buyer is not interested in the story of your life. You must hit the nail on the head with your first impression. Let them see that you are at their service and their concerns are your priority. Give them time to digest the knowledge you have shared about your product. Their silence does not Kill.

3. Qualify.

Meet the client expectations about your abilities to sell. When you give them a call be courteous and properly introduce yourself. Don’t be too exaggerated, be as real and as normal as humanly possible be able to meet their desires and needs.

4. Presentation / Pitching

Go headstrong, win them with facts and figure on how good your product is and their decision to buy is worthwhile. Build their confidence and trust in the product and encourage them to try them out.

5. Objections and resolutions.

It might not always go as expected. Some customers may prove to be more stubborn and outright. Take the objections positive, sit down and review them. That way, you can come up with better resolutions to handle such challenges in future.

6. Ask, don’t sulk.

Selling can be tough when the market has a terrible perception of your products and services. Take the bull by its horns. Go ahead and face them. Peoples’ comments can be founded, unfounded or opinionated. Do away with the negativity by diluting the rumors and clarifying misconceptions.

7. Closing the deal and following up.

After a few minutes of profiling the customer, you can use flattery to get them to buy. You can as well assume the sale,” nikufungie ngapi?” Assessing your customer can help you pick the direct and straight forward approach. Follow up on concrete deals, that’s how you gonna generate cash

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