8 key fun and quirky ways to appreciate yours customers


To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one. Appreciating your customers is a great way to keep them coming to buy from you. This is what will keep you on top of your competitors. As a business owner, always remember; customers may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. The following are simple and cost effective ways of making your customers feel appreciated:

 1. Write a simple thank you note to your clients

This a simple and effective way to make your clients feel appreciated. After a business transaction, write a simple note to your clients thanking them for choosing to do a business with you.

2. Start a loyalty program

For your loyal customers, you can form a loyalty club for them where you can offer seasonal discounts to your loyal clients. This will encourage other customers to also resolve to be your loyal customers in order to join the program and the discounts as well.

3. Offer discounts on future purchases

You can offer discounts to your clients’ future purchases. This will make them feel appreciated and the business can as well gain regular customers. A future price reduction will make customers feel cared for by the business.

4. Sent free gifts and gift vouchers to your customers

It does not have to be an expensive gift, it could be as simple as a chocolate bar or a 500ksh worth of airtime. As simple as the gift may be, it will make the customer feel you appreciate him/her.

5. Sent a card or a note on specific holidays

For example, sent your female clients who are mothers a card on Mother’s Day or write them a note. Or a note to all your clients on Labor Day, Jamhuri Day Madaraka Day etc.

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In the current tech savvy generation, you can as well sent your clients a message on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. just to make them feel appreciated.

6. Hold a Party for your Clients

This is a great way of appreciating your clients. Companies such as Nikon have successfully employed this technique to appreciate their clients. You can organize a party basing on your budget for your clients living in a certain town.

7. Show your customers you value their Feedback

In case of complains from your customers, show them you value their feedback by taking an initiative to rectify whatever complains they have. Ignoring their complaints will show you don’t value your clients. To keep them coming, you have to work on their complaints and notify them the matter is resolved.