Must Read: 8 steps to building a house in Kenya

Building a House in Kenya Cost: The process and the steps to construction of a home here:

Building a House in Kenya Cost: Here are the steps…

1). Choose a location you would like to build on

There are many factors to consider when choosing the location to build on. While price may be the main factor when choosing the location, consider a place you would like to live on the long term. Take note of the infrastructure in the area.  Places with little infrastructure tend to be cheap and you may be attracted to such areas; but make consideration of a place where at least there is a road reserve or where there are signs of growth.

2). Get an architect who will be your lead consultant.

3). Get your architect to develop the ideal design for the house you wish to construct.

4). Make a site visit together with your architect to help him understand the landscape where your project will stand.

This may influence how the house is designed.

5). Once the design has been developed, get the necessary approvals.

This may require you to get certificates from quantity surveyors, structural engineers and the National Construction Authority (NCA). You will do well not to cut corners here.

6). Have the quantity surveyor produce a bill of quantities which will show you how much cost your project will need.

Usually, architects also serve as quantity surveyors.

7). Get approvals from the county government and the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), and any other certifications you may need such as tax compliance certificates from the NCA.

8). Once the approvals have been done, proceed to launch your project.

Remember to always have the architect carry out site visits to ensure your project is on course. Remember too that your fundis will need proper construction gear such as reflector jackets and helmets.

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