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Mental muscle beats physical muscle, says young lady working as Scania technician

Abigael Kutto is a technician at Scania East Africa, having joined the company over 2 years ago as an apprentice in August 2022.

After completing a one-year intensive program focused on studying and applying automotive engineering skills, she transitioned into her current role as a technician.

Abigael’s passion for fixing machines started when she was a child, watching her dad work on machines as he involved her in the process.

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In college, Abigael pursued automotive engineering. Now at 24 years old, she is living her dream by working on larger vehicles like buses and trucks.

Her job now entails troubleshooting vehicles, conducting maintenance and installing the electrical systems in our trucks and buses.

“There is a misconception that if you are a technician you need a lot of energy and how I address it, you just need a lot of thinking, If you can think properly, it will make work easier,” she said.


Her day at work begins by being assigned duty by her foreman. She gets a checklist and walks around the vehicle checking for any parts/systems that need urgent attention.

“I enjoy working at Scania because the culture harnesses your potential, and the company has provided me with an opportunity to excel and develop my skills. I look forward to taking on more challenging projects at the company and being able to train and mentor other technicians” she explains.

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In a company video, Abigael was seen being tasked with installing an Alcolock, which functions like a pre-installed Alcoblow to ensure the vehicle cannot start until the driver passes a test.

“When a customer brings in their vehicle with a technical problem, and I fix it, and I see the vehicle leaving the workshop and going back to business, this is the rewarding part of my job,’ Abigael highlights.

In her tenure at Scania, Abigael has developed important qualities such as attention to detail, strong communication skills, and keen observation. Abigael can only wish and encourage more women to venture into the technical field and join her in the industry.

“To encourage more women to get into technical fields, we need to sensitize them on the available opportunities. My advice to aspiring female technicians is to go for it!” she said.

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