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Why female entrepreneurs should attend Absa InspireMe Conference

It is human nature to strive for self-improvement, dreaming big and constantly aiming to be better than we were before.

Entrepreneurship has long been at the centre of societal advancement and economic development. The intersectionality of gender within entrepreneurial discourses remains a prominent conversation in today’s world.

Without a doubt, female entrepreneurship is a key driver of economic development and has experienced a surge over the last half-century.

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The Absa Bank, in conjunction with the International Trade Centre (ITC) SheTrades Kenya Hub, are hosting the Absa InspireMe Conference 2024 from 18th June to 19th June.

This is set to be the biggest women entrepreneurs gathering in Africa, targeting over 10,000 women across the continent. The convention is an initiative by the Absa Bank’s women in business proposition launched in 2021.

Over the past three years, the InspireMe conference has drawn together 8,000 amazing women from every corner of Africa. Now, it’s back and better than ever, promising even more excitement and inspiration!


The InspireMe conference is all about boosting confidence and hope, helping women-led SMEs succeed.

Absa Bank has rounded up some powerhouse female business leaders to share ideas and revolutionize change for women-owned businesses in Kenya and across the continent.

Other prestigious lineups to speak will be government representatives, regulators, Absa senior executives and managing directors from Kenya, Ghana, and Zambia as well as other key stakeholders including the Kenya Association of Manufacturers.


Absa Bank to host 10,000 women entrepreneurs at Absa InspireMe Conference 2024

Women’s conferences have increasingly become popular worldwide. Studies show that attendees are twice as likely to get promoted within a year, for those in careers, and achieve greater success in their business ventures, for those in entrepreneurship.

In this article, we take a closer look at some of the benefits women entrepreneurs will gain if they board the InspireMe 2024 conference wagon.

1. Networking platform

Over and above, the Absa InspireMe Conference provides attendees with a platform to network with fellow serial entrepreneurs.

Alluding to an applicable quote snippet, “Success leaves clues,” and emulating the strategies of successful women can lead to similar outcomes.

The InspireMe conferences will give thousands of women an opportunity to meet, learn and connect with leaders, and peers in a supportive setting.

2. Personal Growth & Inspiration

Challenges are a constant in life, we all face them. Nothing beats the power of a good storyteller who has faced adversities and risen above them. Hearing tales from successful women can no doubt be incredibly inspiring.

The Absa InspireMe conference will address vital issues such as learning how to manage personal and business responsibilities through a holistic approach.

The learning will extend beyond formal sessions, with informal interactions giving way to more insights and collective wisdom at the end of the workshop.

3. Opportunity to Build Recognition

Building brand awareness is a common challenge for SMEs and MSMEs today, despite the levelling influence of social media and the internet.

Every effort makes a difference. Attending the InspireMe conference will increase your visibility. You might meet potential clients or partners and enhance your brand’s awareness while at it.

Perhaps, by engaging with other female entrepreneurs you will get to make lifelong contacts. Besides, we all know that in business, who you know is often more important than what you know.

4. Learning & Skills Enhancement

Sometimes, all it takes is hearing the right words from the right people. At the InspireMe conference, you’ll learn from seasoned experts who have reeled in big money in the business world.

This conference could provide practical skills directly applicable to your business. What’s even better is the diverse perspectives and problem-solving approaches shared by the speakers.

As a business owner, you’ll have the opportunity to select the unique nuggets of wisdom that best suit your business interests.

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