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African Originals partners with Maasai community to produce new gin brand

Craft spirits brand, African Originals, has partnered with the Maasai community in North Mara to produce its latest gin brand, The Mara Edition Gin.

The beverage pays homage to the rich heritage and natural splendor of Kenya’s Northern Mara region by using the local herbs as ingredients and local art to craft its artistic packaging.

With the launch of the Mara Edition Gin, African Originals is uplifting the local cratfswomen of the Maasai Community by enabling them to be responsible for the packaging of the drink, making it distinctively African.

The Mara Edition Gin embodies authenticity, craftsmanship, and a deep-rooted connection to the land.

Each bottle tells a story of transformation and discovery, inviting gin enthusiasts on a sensory journey through the unparalleled beauty of the Northern Mara’s landscapes and the foraged botanicals meticulously handpicked by Maasai artisans.

The CEO and founder of African Originals, Alexandre Chappatte speaks of the support to the local opportunity as something the company plans to hold onto for the future and uplift the local community.

She says that the company has also invested in equiping the locals with digital skills as well so that they may acquire other skills that will help them grow their crafting skills.

“Community is a fundamental piece that we want to positively improve and how we are doing it depends on the product line. It is something that we have been doing for long with our previous products as well. We have always involved the community in the labels, the way that we brand, etc,” she said.

“With the Mara Edition Gin, we have involved the Maasai community to help to bead the tops of the drink. We also go an extra step to build digital skills for them so that they have an opportunity to sell beyond just what they do with us,” she added.

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The company is also equipping the community with financial education so that they may excel in their businesses and personal lives as well.

Crafted with a blend of indigenous ingredients, including Lippia Javanica herbs, wild basil flower, wild honey off the comb, African thistle, and African juniper, The Mara Edition Gin captures the essence of Kenya in every sip.

Its premium quality and unparalleled taste make it a true testament to unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Mara Edition Gin will be available exclusively on African Originals’ ecommerce site, duty-free shops, and luxury lodges, inviting travelers and locals alike to experience the essence of Kenya in every sip.

With a retail price of Sh. 8,500 for a 750ML bottle, The Mara Edition Gin offers a premium experience that transcends boundaries and celebrates the richness of Kenyan heritage.

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