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Health ministry bought basin at Sh. 108,000, kettle at Sh. 1.2 million

Afya House Scandal: The Ministry of Health has emerged as the hot spot of corruption in Kenya. In the latest scandal, a shocking report that was presented before the senate on Wednesday showed how the ministry bought 12 washing basins at Sh. 108,000 each.

The ministry also acquired an electric kettle at a shocking price of Sh. 1.2 million. This is against the market prices of Sh. 800 per basin and Sh. 15,000 per electric kettle. At the same time, Two baby cots which usually go for Sh. 25,000 per piece, was purchased at Sh. 1.4 million while a microwave oven cost Sh. 1.3 million. It’s market price is Sh. 20,000. These items were acquired under the ministry’s managed equipment services program (MES).

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According to the report, other items that were bought at overly inflated prices included two stethoscopes at Sh 1.3 million, three spot lights at Sh. 1.4 million. Fifteen drip stands at Sh. 1.3 million, and two stitch removal sets at Sh. 398, 849. Each of these items could have been bought at Sh. 5,000. A microwave oven was procured at Sh. 1.3 million instead of Sh. 12,000, and a patient resuscitation trolley at Sh. 1.6 million instead of Sh. 16,000.

A related report by the auditor general on yet another runaway Afya House scandal shows that the management of the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (Kemsa) rejected discounts by suppliers of Covid-19-related items in controversial tendering which may cost taxpayers up to Sh. 2.3 billion.

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