Ban on 8-year age limit for second hand cars suspended

Age Limit for Imported Cars to Kenya:The government has announced that it has suspended a ban on old second hand cars being imported to Kenya. The ban was set to affect cars that are older than eight years.

This suspension has now provided relief to car importers who were lamenting that the law stating the ban did not include public participation.

This ban was set to hike the cost of vehicles in the country, making it hard for buyers to acquire vehicles while also shooting upwards the cost of locally used vehicles.

While appearing before the Trade and Industries committee of the National Assembly, Trade CS Peter Munya said that the lowering of age limit for imported cars to Kenya cap was a proposal.

“It is still in its draft form and yet to undergo public participation,” he said.

This was after the legislators aired concerns that the ministry was making policies without involving them.

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They even termed CS Munya’s pronouncement as roadside declaration.

He however assured the lawmakers that the status quo remains until all stakeholders are involved and the policy is passed in Parliament.

The new set of regulations seeks to cap importation of used cars from 8 to five years starting this July.

In 2021, the limit is proposed to be three years and finally zero by the year 2024.

The Kenyan government further wants restriction on importation of second hand vehicles of over 1500cc and exceeding five years from date of manufacturing.

The plan has since been met by strong opposition from dealers who say the business is the economic mainstay for over 2 million people, directly and indirectly.

Some even told off the Kenya Bureau of Standards KeBS technical team on Tuesday saying the proposed national automotive policy is punitive and inconsiderate of their grievances.

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