Friday, December 1, 2023

Alex and Alan: Kenyan twin pilots who fly for same US airline

From an early age in Kenya, twin brothers Alex and Alan knew that they wanted to be pilots. This aspiration was not eh ordinary fascination children have with planes and pilots.

Their fondness and determination to pursue this career line was so profound that they even had plane simulation games at home.

Alan shared with how a childhood memory of their mom buying them Microsoft Flight Simulator to help support their passion ignited his passion for planes. “After I started playing with the program, that was it. I knew I wanted to be a pilot,” Alan said.

Their chances of realizing their dream got a massive boost when they immigrated from Kenya to the United States at the age of 13 years.

Today, the twin brothers work for top US airline, Alaska Airlines. Alex was the first to join Alaska. In July 2022, Alaska announced that it had hired Alan.

“Someday, on an Alaska Airlines flight, you may just find yourself doing a double take when walking by the flight deck. That’s because we just hired a new pilot who happens to be the identical twin brother of another Alaska pilot,” Alaska Airlines announced.

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According to an interview the twin brothers conducted with Alaska, the airline was the first choice for Alan when he set to progress from other regional airlines in the United States.

“When I was working as a fueler, Alaska employees – whether it was pilots or people working across the operation – were always the nicest people who reached out to encourage me,” Alan told Alaska.

His sentiments were echoed by his brother Alex. “Alaska is like a family – you’re not a number,” said Alex.

Alaska Airlines is an American airline that is headquartered in SeaTac, Washington, within the Seattle metropolitan area. It is the fifth-largest airline in North America when measured by scheduled passengers carried.

Alaska, together with its regional partners Horizon Air and SkyWest Airlines, operates a route network that primarily focuses on connecting cities along the West Coast of the United States to over 100 destinations in the contiguous United States, Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Mexico.

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