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Poor boy who molded Ruto’s house shows off his posh home with well-manicured lawn

At only 28 years old, Alex David, popularly known as Prezzo the king of moldings, is living his dream, having built a beautiful mansion for himself and also building a house for his parents.

David is known for his expertise in molding, and he is credited for decorating some of the beautiful houses in the country, including those of President William Ruto, COTU boss Francis Atwoli, and Mandera County government offices, among others.

His work involves the use of sand and cement to curve the pillars of a building and walls and decorate flower beds, among others.

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Recently, he took to social media to show off his complete home, crediting the success to hard work. His house went viral on social media last year for its unique roofing.

The house itself spells class. It is secluded with a well-decorated perimeter wall that showcases a seamless blend of architectural sophistication and high-quality materials

The compound, which is receiving some finishing touches, features a well-manicured yard adorned with lush greenery, creating a refreshing ambiance.


The house is indeed a dream come true for the once-poor boy who shared their modest two-bedroom house with his entire family of ten during their childhood years.

“Some of us slept with the neighbors, and they abused us too. My family was known to be the poorest throughout our neighborhood,” he said.

The father of one revealed he was born and raised in abject poverty in Machakos. At times, his family would go to bed hungry due to financial constraints.


This forced him to work harder to change the situation back home. Having dropped out of school due to financial struggles, he moved to Mombasa with his father, who was a sculptor, in search of greener pastures.

His father taught him sculpting, and it was not long before he met some Indians who linked him with sculpting gigs at Mamba Village.

David worked on his craft and perfected different forms of sculpting and molding. He reportedly earned Sh400 per day.

He later shifted his operational base to Nairobi where he landed several clients for molding works. Most of the Nairobi clients were from Kitengela and Karen and paid him handsomely.

He experienced the biggest financial breakthrough in 2020 when he got a call from then Mandera Governor Ali Roba, who engaged him on a project on the county government offices that reportedly earned him Sh700,000.

This opportunity oppened other doors as David and his team were invited to work on the homes of Atwoli Kajiado home and President Ruto’s private residence in Karen.

He used the money to support his family and manage his team of 40 employees. David advised young Kenyans to work hard and to never be choosy on work

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