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Amber Ray: 3 jobs that supported me in my 20s

Popular Kenyan socialite Faith Makau, alias Amber Ray, revealed she relied on menial jobs for a living in her early 20s.

In a past interview with Oga Obinna, the mother of two said she was struggling to make ends meet after giving birth to her firstborn son when she was just 18.

Rather die than poverty, she resorted to hawking matumbo (tripes) cereals and milk while living in a single room in Githurai 45.

“I used to leave Gavin (her son) at my friend’s place. I rush to Town KMC, then back to Kahawa West to hawk matumbo.”

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“I had to sell all the stock daily since I did not have a fridge. I remember how matatu people used to frustrate me because of the smell of the tripes,” Amber Ray said.

She later landed another job as a waitress, earning Sh13,000 per month. The socialite revealed that due to her work ethic,  she would make more money from tips that went over and beyond her salary, and therefore, she would settle her bills without a hassle.

Noting that the biggest amount of money she has held in her hands is Sh6 million, Amber further claimed she became a millionaire at 26 and got her first car at 29.

“I have sold tripes, cereals, I sold milk, became a waitress, and my last job was head of customer care e-citizen… It’s just that we don’t look like what we have been through. We work hard behind the curtains. There’s no easy way to succeed,” she added.

The socialite turned businesswoman doubles up as a fashion consultant and promotes and markets her business herself by how she dresses.

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