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Anne Ombasi: Owner of trending apartment with mansion on top of rentals speaks

An apartment with a very unique design in Nairobi has been trending for days on social media. The apartment features rental houses and a penthouse on top, in what netizens have described as unique, and wags as an visual act of landlord sitting on tenants.

Now, the owner of the trending apartment has come out to speak. The onwer has been identified as Anne Ombasi, a nurse who resides in both Kenya and the United States.

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She says that she had an idea on the house and when she consulted her builder, she was told that it would be possible to set up the house as she desires.

“I had this idea so I brought it to my builder and he told me it was possible to implement it. He told me how long it would take and how much it would cost and we worked together,” she said.


“I knew him from back in the day as he worked with my dad. That is how I met him.”

Ms. Ombasi said that it took about four years to construct the apartment and penthouse on top.

“It has taken four years to complete the house. People just see the house but it is hard work,” she said.

She added that she wanted to maximize on the plot she bought by making every inch count.

“I grew up in Zimmerman and that is what inspired me to buy a plot here. I wanted to be close to my childhood. I just had this plot and I wanted to maximize on space. I wanted a house and I also wanted a house,” she said.

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“It’s funny it’s been trending, people are just mesmerized. There are many buildings like it but not many. It has cost me millions to build this.”

Ombasi added that the house on top is a four-bedroom mansion.

 “The apartment is a three storey building. The house on top has four bedrooms, a laundry room and a pantry,” she said.

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