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Anne Waiguru’s Wedding: How she met, fell in love with Kamotho Waiganjo

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Anne Waiguru’s Wedding: Governor Ann Waiguru and lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo kicked off their wedding plans after their traditional engagement which was held on February 16 this year. These plans culminated on an invites only traditional wedding which was held on July 13, 2019.

During the traditional engagement ceremony, Ann Waiguru shyly walked to her soon-to-be husband, with her gaze fixed on the ground.

“Kamotho had paid dowry, gone through the Kikuyu custom of paying for the locked gate to be opened, and identified her among women who had covered themselves to gauge his familiarity with his love,” says the Saturday Standard.

Waiguru and Kamotho’s love goes back 10 years when they fell for each other in a ferry at the Likoni channel. The two were traveling to Mombasa for a constitutional conference. After sharing a bread and soda, Kamotho told the Standard that he realised Waiguru was just a basic girl.

He decided to pursue her further. After several phone conversations, she submitted to his requests for a date. He took her to a Thai restaurant in Nairobi, and it is there that they had their first fight.

“She was on phone the whole time. I had to ask her why she was not paying attention to our date,” Kamotho told the Saturday Standard.

The paper further quotes Waiguru saying that at the time, she had not mastered the delicate balance of separating work from her private life and would spend hours answering calls from people who wanted to engage in work.

“We agreed that when we are together and with family, phones are kept aside unless it is completely necessary. I am not doing badly nowadays,” says Ms. Waiguru.

Their love has been fraught by controversies, scandals and scrutiny from tabloids. Often, when questions were asked on why they were cozy with each other, or why Kamotho, a lawyer, represented Waiguru in several cases, they would brush off the accusations.

Waiguru is also quoted saying that even though they have gone through tough times their relationship has not been affected.

Anne Waiguru's Wedding

Anne Waiguru and Kamotho Waiganjo.

“He is an exceptional man. There is no other like him. He was my pillar at the time and has always been. Kind, patient, supportive and level headed,” she says.

Kamotho reportedly proposed to Ms. Waiguru a few weeks ago at the lavish Lord Eroll hotel in Runda, Nairobi. “I was completely surprised. We had not been talking about formalising our relationship so I did not expect it. We had just come from holidays and were celebrating his birthday as we do with close friends every year,” Waiguru says. She said yes!

On Anne Waiguru’s Wedding, the couple are both divorced, and say that their ex-spouss are at peace with their relationship.

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