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Anthony Mutua: The Tech Guru behind the Shoe that Charges Mobile Phones

Anthony Mutua is a young Kenyan electrical, and design expert, entrepreneur, and the brain behind the shoe that charges mobile phones.

He is also the Founder and the CEO of Am-utua Technologies, Greatest Wearable Technology, as well as the Anthony Mutua Foundation.

Having been brought up in an area that had no good electricity, Mutua grew up determined to impact the lives of the people around him positively.

He developed a passion for electronics and electrical at a young age, which years later made him the talk of the town owing to his great inventions.

Mutua posted good grades in his secondary school education, winning a chance to join the Mombasa Polytechnic University College to pursue a Course in Engineering, Applied Sciences, and Business studies.

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At the institution, he was involved in various activities that he believed would help actualize his dream. He participated in innovation conferences, where he received recognition for his great innovations.

Mutua came into the limelight in 2012 after exhibiting shoe phone charging innovation. The innovation was inspired by the challenges people went through looking for a phone charging point.

He realized that people walked long distances to get their phones charged and decided to create a solution by helping them benefit from the energy they used while walking.

The Charging Shoe has an ultra-thin chip of crystals on the sole with the ability to produce electric energy under pressure. The Chip taps energy when a person is walking or running and store it for the charging of phones and other small electronic devices.

People can charge their phones directly while walking via a cable connected to the sole of the shoe or after walking or running, as the chip has adequate energy storage capacity.

The Chip can be moved from one shoe to another; it is dust and waterproof and has a lifespan of between 6-8 years. It is compatible with any shoe except shower slippers.

‘’From our tests, a walking distance of 800 meters is enough to charge a phone fully. The users are also safe from accidental electric shocks, as the energy produced is very minimal,’’ said Mutua in an interview with ITWeb Africa.

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The Hutua mobile phone charger was recognized among the top 40 African startups on show at the DEMO Africa 2013 event held in Nairobi.

It was also recognized by the former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who described it as “innovation from the ground up.”

Besides being a tech guru, Mutua is a renowned entrepreneur, leader, and philanthropist. He is the Founder of Hutua Technologies, a technology company that deals with the production of vibration-based mobile phone Charging Shoe and wireless cap chargers.

He is also part of Twain Technologies –a Kenyan-based Tech Firm that focuses on offering solar water pump solutions –where he serves as the technical supervisor and adviser on innovation matters.

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