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Axio vs Allion vs Premio: This is the car you should buy

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Axio vs Allion vs Premio: Both Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio were introduced in 2001. Allion came as a replacement for Toyota Carina, a model manufactured since 1970 and Premio replaced the Toyota Corona Premio, that has been running in different name since 1954. And the Toyota Axio came as the tenth generation of the E140 series Corolla in October 2006.

In the International market, Toyota Allion is available in trim levels such as A15 (1500 cc) and A18 (1800 cc) whereas, Premio comes in trims levels like 1.5F (1500 cc) and 1.8X (1800 cc). Both of these models have Super CVT-I (Super Continuously Variable Transmission-intelligent) transmission while sharing engine version of 1NZ-FE 1500cc or 2ZR-FE 1800 cc. Finally, both of the models are available in Front-engine, front-wheel drive.

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The regular Toyota Axio is powered by a 1500 cc 1NZ-FE turbocharged engine. Another version comes with 1800cc L 2ZR-FE engine, equipped with a Super CVT-I Transmission system.

There is often confusion about what the difference between F and G (Toyota Premio) or X and G (Toyota Axio/Corolla) version of a model. These letters denote the grades of manufacturer packaged option. Below the grades are arranged from highest to lowest.

  • G-Superior ( comes with leather seats, Traction Control, heated massaging power seats: quite expensive)
  • G
  • EX Package
  • L Package
  • F L Package
  • F/X (Basic/Standard)

Let’s take a look at Toyota Corolla 2014, Toyota Axio 2014 and Toyota Premio 2014 in more detail.

Engine and Performance

Axio vs Allion
Toyota 1NZ-FE engine used for Premio, Allion and Axio

Toyota 1NZ-FE engine used for Premio, Allion and Axio

As we mentioned before, Toyota Allion, Toyota Axio and Toyota Premio shares the exact same 1NZ-FE engine, so the performance of Axio, Allion and Premio are more and less the same. Below you will find the comparison between the power and performance of Toyota sedans. All three sedans comes with Front-engine, front-wheel-drive with 5 speed manual transmission as standard. We have chosen Toyota Axio’s 1300 cc to show how the performance changes over the engine displacement.

Toyota AxioToyota AllionToyota Premio
Engine displacement1300 cc1500 cc1500 cc
Engine type4 cylinder DOHC16 valveSerial 4 cylinder DOHC16 valveSerial 4 cylinder DOHC16 valve
Power95 Horsepower @ 6000 rpm109 Horsepower @ 6000 rpm109 Horsepower @ 6000 rpm
Torque121 Nm at 4000 rpm141 Nm at 4200 rpm140 Nm at 4200 rpm
Top Speed180 km/h180 km/h185 km/h
Acceleration (0 to 100 km/h)12 seconds10.5 seconds10.4 seconds


Axio vs Allion
Side view exterior design difference among Toyota Axio, Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio

Side view exterior design difference among Toyota Allion, Toyota Axio and Toyota Premio

Toyota Allion’s dimension is 179.7 inch*66.7 inch*58.1 with a curb weight of 1170 kg. For its design aesthetic, its front hood line forms a wide arc while the lower grille, headlights and bumper procedure a large T shape to convey a sporty yet refined feel. Its LED headlights are placed in an angular way to enhance its lighting experience. From the side, Allion evokes a sense of energy by featuring a body narrowing down at the rear and combination of overhanging rear fenders and rear wheel which extend into the lower portion of the rear doors. A uniform surface at its rear extends from the rear pillar to the trunk, then merge with the three-dimensional combination taillights to create a sense of solidity.

Toyota Premio has a dimension of 181.1 inch*66.73 inch*58.27 inch with a curb weight of 1170 kg like Allion. Premio has an appearance of refined dignity which is influenced by a strong vertical line from the side fender at its front end. Its side view is refined with horizontally extended character lines and side protection molding. It has a modern rear design owning a horizontal sculpted form along with angular taillights and gives a broad and powerful feel.

Toyota Axio comes in 173 inch*66.7 inch*57 dimension with a curb weight of 1070 kg. You cannot miss the exterior resemblance of Toyota Axio to Toyota Corolla. Axio has a fresher and more urban design. Its front fascia is emphasized by an edgy HID headlamp and a boomerang-shaped chrome front grille, radiating a stature of a higher-class vehicle.

Our Verdict: Its not a secret that Toyota Premio, Allion and Axio caters to different types of audience. Premio asserts a high-class appearance and highly gracious tone, the Allion induces a refined and sporty feel, whereas Axio is a perfect example of a compact sedan for daily use and its exterior and styling is no exception of it. Undoubtedly, Toyota Premio will be the winner of all these cars if they judgment is based on design aesthetic and poise.


Interior of Toyota Premio/Allion (top) vs Toyota Axio (bottom)

Interior of Toyota Premio/Allion (top) vs Toyota Axio (bottom)

The Premio and the Allion share the same engines and interior with almost the same internal dimensions (77 inch x 55 inch x 47 inch). Both of them offer a very luxurious, top-notch and comfortable interior almost the same type of features and amenities. Both of the cars give enough legroom and space, allowing 5 adults to sit extremely comfortably in the rear seat, even with their legs crossed. For the Axio, the interior is not as big as the Premio or Allion, and its presence of luxurious amenities depends on its grade variant. Yet Axio has a very well built, precise and practical cabin with all the switches at naturally-accessible locations. It gives decently spacious seating arrangements for four adults.

Our Verdict: Premio and Allion undoubtedly have a bigger interior, so they’re more suitable for a family which has all grown up members for making comfortable seating arrangements. Axio’s interior is perfect for a smaller family, or a family with younger members. Availability of leather seats, cruise control and other amenities depends on the ‘manufacturer grade’ you will purchase. Depending on your grade, you can have luxurious material in an Axio than in an Allion.

Final Verdict

It’s true that with the specification, performance and pricing Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio have tougher competition, and the Toyota Axio falls behind. Again, choosing a car is depends on your suitability and budget. We have gathered the key features of all three of these cars, so you can make up your mind.

Toyota AxioToyota AllionToyota Premio
  • Compact car for an urban area
  • Decently Spacious for family
  • Easily available spare parts
  • Sportys look
  • Spacious Interior
  • Smooth handling


  • Fuel efficient
  • Luxurious exterior
  • Spacious interior


  • Basic interior
  • Underpowered (1300cc )
  • Costly
  • Servicing can be expensive


  • Too costly
  • Original spare parts are expensive


Suitable AsA perfect family car for running daily errands A premium car with sporty vibeA luxury ride and status symbol
Fuel consumption (for 1500 cc at urban condition)15.6km/L15 kilometer/liter18 Kilometer/Liter
Seating arrangement (no of passengers)ThreeF

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