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Comedian Eric Omondi rebuilds Kisii’s ‘Bridge of Death’, names it Baby Kemunto

Towards the end of 2023, a period of heavy rainfall in the country, one heartwarming moment that captured the internet’s attention was the story of Baby Kemunto.

The young girl was spotted wearing a school uniform as she bravely crossed a makeshift bridge made of rickety planks, over rushing waters.

The video triggered concern among netizens who expressed fear for her safety and criticized local leaders for neglecting the community’s infrastructure.

Moved by the viral footage of Baby Kemunto crossing the dangerous structure, online personality Eric Omondi took it upon himself to address the issue by organizing a fundraiser to build a new bridge

Today, the comedian completed the construction of a much sturdier bridge to replace the precarious structure previously used by members of the local community.

Taking to his social media platforms, Eric Omondi shared the news with netizens along with a touching video of the sight to behold.

The new bridge is constructed with metal plates, sturdy railings, and is supported by concrete blocks and stones on the river banks.

“Kemunto bridge is complete. This young girl has changed a whole community. She is a hero. The bridge is not only historical but also extremely symbolic,” he captioned the post.

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He explained that the newly built Baby Kemunto bridge is a sign of national coherence and that Kenyans can work together for the good of the less fortunate in society.

“We are bridging the gaps. the gaps between the poor and the wealthy must and can be minimized and diminished. We are bridging the gaps created by the political and tribal divisions. Team sisi kwa sisi nothing is impossible. Together everything is achievable.”

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans:

Abel Mutua: Bruuuh! You’re overworking!

reubenmumo: A wiremesh on both sides could enhance the safety of the bridge. Good job!


sammyro_: Hii serikali sasa ndo inabamba. No need of sijui bado allocation of budget alafu ipitishwe. Sijui mswada. Yaani pesa inaingia ikienda kwa kazi tukisonganga. đŸ™Œ keep it up bro.

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