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Eric Omondi shows off his new ‘Sh. 141 million mansion’ in Karen

Eric Omondi Mansion: Popular comedian Eric Omondi has showed off what he referred to as his mansion. In a video clip, the comedian showed of a 7-bedroom mansion which he said he started working on 14 years ago.

Omondi said that the mansion had cost him about Sh. 141 million. “This house cost me Sh. 72 million and it is a culmination of my hard work in 14 years of comedy,” the comedian said. He added that the land on which the house stands cost Sh. 69 million, bringing the total to Sh. 141 million.

Omondi said that he had been living in Kileleshwa before relocating to the new mansion. The comedian further said that he had only lived in the mansion for thee days by the time he showed off the house to the public.

It has not been doubt that Omondi is one of the highest paid comedians in Kenya. In July 2021, Omondi showed off Sh. 3 million in cash. The money was spread on the bed and the surface of a room where he seemingly spent his night in Tanzania. Omondi showed off the money as a rebuttal to former boss of Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB), Ezekiel Mutua.

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“Ezekiel Mutua, this is how Ksh. 3 million looks like. Nimesikia umesema wasanii ni maskini, nimesikia umesema talanta hailipi, nimesikia umesema wasanii ni omba omba; ni beggars (I have heard you have said artists are poor, I have heard that you said talent does not pay, I have heard you said artists are just mere beggars),” he said. “This is genuine sweat and blood, genuine God-given talent. You will not discourage our young generation of talents; you will not discourage our brothers and sisters; talent pays in this age”.

Below is the clip showing off the house:

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