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Girl selling maize on roadside to fund mom’s business lands scholarship

A young girl from Kiambu melted the hearts of many Kenyans after a viral video showed her selling roasted maize late at night after school. She was in her full school uniform, kneeling on a dusty ground as people passed by.

The young girl, identified as Njeri, attends Kisiwa Primary School in Thika. She sells maize late at night to fund her education and support her mother’s business. Recently, Lady Luck seems to have smiled upon her.

Well-wishers who saw the video of the young girl launched a search to offer assistance, including Embakasi Member of Parliament Babu Owino.

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The legislator wrote on X (formerly Twitter) that after watching the video, it reminded him of his own early school days when he sold chang’aa on the roadside throughout Primary and Secondary School to make ends meet.

“This Girl leaves Kisiwa Primary school in Thika every evening to go sell boiled maize by the roadside which reminds me of when I used to sell Chang’aa every day after school in my whole Primary and Secondary School life,” he wrote.

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The MP offered his help to the young girl, encouraging her and affirming that she has a bright future ahead and can overcome any challenges she faces.

“These challenges are temporary for we serve a living God who is a God of turnaround. He turned the Red Sea to dry land for Israelites to pass, He will turn around your challenges into solutions,” Babu added.

Babu Owino offered to sponsor her education wholly and provide her parents with the funds to start a sustainable business.


Earlier, Karangu Muraya met with the young girl and shared photos of their interaction. He offered his financial assistance, joined by many sympathetic Kenyans, and they also went shopping together.

“Finally, I have met Baby Njeri in Jomoko Thika. This pretty girl deserves our support. Please let’s support her,” Karangu Muraya wrote in a Facebook Post.

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