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Prison bedbugs and lice are feasting on me, Baby Sagini assaulter says

The man accused of gorging out the eyes of Baby Sagini has asked the court to set him free because bedbugs and lice are feasting on him in prison.

The alleged assaulter Alex Ochogo Maina told Senior Magistrate Christine Ogweno that he was not enjoying his stay in prison at all because of bedbugs.

“Why can’t you present the witnesses here as fast as possible because I am suffering in there. I never sleep and bedbugs and lice are feasting on me,” Ochogo told the court.

Baby Sagini was found dumped in a maize farm on December 14 last year with his eyes gouged out in a case that shocked the whole country.

Baby Sagini’s grandma reveals why his eyes were gouged out

Initial investigations suggested that he might have been assaulted over land by members of his family.

Ochogo (Cousin to Sagini), Pacifica Nyakerario (Aunt) and Rael Nyakerario (Grandmother) have been charged that between the 13th and 14th day of December 2022 at Ikuruma location, Marani Subcounty within Kisii county, attempted unlawfully to cause the death of Brighton Junior Sagini by gouging out both his eyes contrary to section 220 of the Penal Code.

The three we denied bail and have been in remand since their arrest and charge in court in December.

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