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Baby Sagini’s grandma reveals why his eyes were gouged out

Baby Sagini’s grandmother is among the three suspects that were arrested in the bizarre accident. The other two were Alex Ochogo (cousin) and Pacifica Nyakerario (aunt).

Rael Nyakerario, the grandmother told detectives in Kisii that the plan was to have Baby Junior Sagini killed. This is because the minor was in the line of land inheritance which was not going down well with some of the family members.

According to her statement, she indicates that the other two suspects were determined to kill Baby Sagini as they did not want the three-year-old to inherit family land as he was a stepson in the family. Therefore a plan was hatched to terminate his life.

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Sagini’s aunt, Pacifica, carried the youngster in a genie bag to a maize plantation and was later joined by her son. The police investigating the case are convinced that the child’s eyes were mutilated right on the spot, despite the initial plan being to kill him.

The young boy is now blind due to a piece of land whose significance he might not even understand at his tender age.

The police did however not make any statements regarding whether the arrested grandmother would be turned into a state witness in this case. The three suspects held at Rioma police station were presented in court on December 22nd.

The suspects were not charged following the absence of vital parties such as the children’s officer and a Law Society of Kenya (LSK) representative. Prosecutor Hillary Kaino insisted on charging the suspects when all parties were involved.

Baby Sagini, his mother and his sister were placed under protective custody in an undisclosed location in Nairobi county.

This is after the child was discharged from the hospital. Efforts by national leaders have begun to help the boy get specialized treatment in China.

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