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Cousin: This is why we gouged out 3-year-old Baby Sagini’s eyeballs out

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Baby Sagini’s 28-year-old cousin, Maina Ochogo, has been highly linked to the brutal attack on the 3-year-old whose eyes were gouged out.

He is the main suspect in the case despite Baby Sagini’s mother being arrested too. Per multiple credible reports, Baby Sagini’s perpetrators caused him harm, on grounds that they were performing a bizarre ritual.

Furthermore, there are unconfirmed reports that Pacifica (Baby Sagini’s mother) and the cousin also plotted to kill Ochogo’s father, and they did.

Alex Ochogo was arrested after news broke out that he escorted his own mother to a bus station, immediately after committing the heinous act on the boy at Ikuruma Village in Marani Subcounty, Kisii.

This makes Maina’s mother another suspect in the court case. Police have detained Alex Ochogo for five days pending further investigations.

The prosecutor of the case, Hillary Kaino declared war on those who gruesomely took out the baby’s eyes, asserting that the police were hot on the suspects’ trail, most of them still at large.

Police are investigating a case of attempted murder.

“The main suspect was the last person seen with this child in the evening, hours before he disappeared. The following morning this suspect left for Nairobi,” Kaino told the court.

Baby Sagini’s mother has been arrested on grounds of negligence and she is also a suspect in the atrocious crime. His father emotionally defended himself when he was put on the spot for committing wickedness on his son, leaving him blind.

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“I asked my mother if she had looked for him and she said yes. I also went out to look for the child and I did not find him,” he emotionally said.

“The next morning, the baby was found in my brother’s shamba. I had gone through the same place the previous evening and looked for the baby but I did not find him,” he added.

Baby Sagini was found writhing in pain on a maize plantation after he went missing for hours. He was rushed to hospital where doctors attended to his eye wounds. He has been admitted to Kisii Eye Hospital.

In an interview, Baby Sagini said all he remembers was that a man with a rope and a torch took him from their home compound where he was playing with other kids.

Sagini’s eye specialist, Dr. Dan Kiage said the boy was responding well to treatment and was in a stable condition. He however nullified any possibility of him being able to see light ever again.

Cousin: This is why we gouged out 3-year-old Baby Sagini's eyeballs out

He has suggested that the boy better start learning braille and being trained on living with a disability.

Kenyans upon receiving this news, are furiously baying for the blood of those involved in gouging Baby Sagini’s eyeballs from his skull sockets.

Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko joined other leaders to condemn the assault on the minor. He issued a Sh. 400,000 reward to anyone who would fish out the real culprit in this monstrous case.

On December 20th, Sonko announced that he would fly Baby Sagini to a South China Hospital where he would receive eye implants after his gouging accident. The hospital is called Dennis Lam Eye Hospital and they do eye implants.

Though they will not restore his eyesight, baby Sagini will have prosthetic eyes that will look and move more like normal eyes. He would still be blind though.

Sonko contacted the hospital and was told that he had to get two referrals from at least two Kenyan hospitals.

“We went ahead and booked an appointment for him to be reviewed at the Westlands laser eye hospital Wednesday 21/12/2022 where Doctor Kishor will attend to him,” he said.

“I have also contacted the area MP where the incident took place, Hon. Japheth Nyakundi and the county government of Kisii to facilitate how baby Sagini will be brought to Westlands Laser Eye Hospital in Nairobi for review and recommendations by ophthalmologists and eye specialists,” he added.

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