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Bamburi Cement feted for championing Diversity and Inclusion

Bamburi Cement has been named as the second most inclusive listed company at the National Diversity and Inclusion Awards & Recognition (DIAR) held on Friday, March 3, 2023. Concurrently, the cement marker’s Managing Director, Seddiq Hassani was recognized for his inclusivity efforts, taking the first runner-up position in the ‘C-suite Executives’ category.

The recognitions are a testament to Mr Hassani’s leadership and dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace culture at Bamburi Cement. He has been instrumental in ensuring that all employees feel valued and supported. Under his leadership, Bamburi Cement has implemented several initiatives to promote diversity, including the development of employee training programs, and partnerships with diverse organizations.

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Commenting after the announcement, Mr Hassani noted that if inclusion remains a privilege experienced only by those at senior levels, companies and enterprises risk missing crucial considerable growth benefits.

“We are delighted and honored to be named as the 2nd most inclusive listed company.

It is a demonstration of our commitment to ensuring inclusion for all, with significant attention being on gender diversity, which remains a challenge in our construction sector.

However, the push for gender diversity especially on corporate boards has been aggressive and deliberate, with notable albeit gradual success,”

Mr Seddiq noted.

“We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace leads to greater innovation, productivity, performance, talent recruitment and retention, and ultimately, business success. I am grateful to our employees who have embraced our efforts and contributed to our collective success.”,

he added.


These sentiments come as more organizations and businesses continue to anchor their strategies for sustainability and growth around diverse and inclusive teams. Some of the notable initiatives by Bamburi Cement to ensure increased gender diversity include the Women on Wheels Program (WOW) where at least 100 women truck drivers are trained and employed annually in a bid to increase the number of women taking up truck driving as a career.

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In addition, the cement marker, in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), trains women entrepreneurs under the Sourcing 2 Equal Program to increase the number of Women-led Small and Medium Enterprises transacting in their value chain. More women continue to benefit from the 2 programs, promoting gender inclusiveness in the Cement marker’s workforce.


The DIAR Awards appreciates leaders and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, at the workplace and society, and expanded opportunities for persons with disabilities, women, and girls, the youth, marginalized and vulnerable populations, or made contributions towards peace, cohesion, and environmental sustainability.

The awards which are in their 5th edition continue to further its commitment to continue prioritizing diversity and inclusion as one of its key drivers to the productivity of its workforce as well as a highly sustainable performance of the business.

The winners of the DIAR Award for C-Suite Executives are qualitatively decided by the selection panel based on the scope and scale of impact, vision, change objectives, a record of accomplishment, and sustainability goals.

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