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Beatrice Kisanya: My highs and lows of multi-tasking career, family and business

Beatrice Kisanya is a director and co-founder at Finmat Sacco

I am a banker by profession, currently working as a Credit Director at Finmat Sacco. My primary role or day to day is reviewing credit application for approval and submission for disbursement.

Co-Op post

In college, I studied Economics and Business and I thought I would end up in government formulating economic policies. I ended up in banking where I worked for close to 17 years from Operations, Customer Service, and Credit Analyst to Relationships Management.

In 2017, I left banking and went into farming. I rear chickens, onions, beans, and maize. Apart from farming, I also work in the Sacco that we founded together with my former colleagues in 2019.


It’s not easy balancing all to fit within the 24-hour clock. You find yourself dropping some balls, especially for someone wearing many caps. Personally, I am a mother, farmer, Sunday school teacher, Children’s Bible Study Leader, chama secretary, and my role in the Sacco.

After transitioning from employment to running multiple hustles, I have witnessed the stark differences of both worlds. One has a routine.

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The other is unpredictable and to succeed in it you must be willing to really work hard and supplement it with other sources of income. Time management has been a huge challenge in this. There are times when I have had to miss out on friends, holidays, and even family gatherings.

You feel torn between family, work and business. My one guiding factor is my family first. If everything were to crash, this is the only thing that wouldn’t abandon me.

There are moments I will have to spend less time with family but I thank God that I have a husband who is supportive. When I am away, he is around. Technology has also helped ease me the burden of absence by giving us opportunities to work online.

Burnout is also real. It is something that women who multitask often face. There are times when I have had to retreat to my farm in Kitale just to unwind, enjoy nature, and the quiet and serene environment.

I also have a chama that’s not so much for investment, but for friendships. We just meet have a good laugh and share our worries and joys. I also have a group of prayer partners who pray with me and for me. These have made it easier to cope when I feel on the edge.

I have learnt that I don’t have to be everywhere and saying no to some invites that I feel may not add value to me or the business. I am now also jogging at least twice per week as a way of letting out the steam.

Delegation has also worked very well for me in easing the pressure of managing my home. If I don’t have time for the market, then I have a mama mboga who understands. If I can’t make the time to wash clothes, then I have a washing machine or a reliable mama fua.

My rule of the thumb is; how much am I forfeiting if I delegate the task at hand to avoid burning myself out? If family happens before career growth go for it. If its career before family

By all means but don’t miss an opportunity because you are pursing one. Otherwise as the years progress you could resent the one that denied you the other.

Beatrice’s takeaway: Is it all worth it?

It is worthy. As women we are expected to be super human, manage homes, family, husband, career plus OBI. Many at times when one focuses on career the family suffers.

As a woman hardly will you find a man staying home supporting you advance in your career. You will be expected to handle both and excel which is almost impossible.

Which is the reverse for men as their wives would be expected to be home makers and provide a conducive environment for their career advancement. If a lady does not attend family gathering it’s a big deal unlike men whom many will find excuses to cover up their absence.

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