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Journalist quits newsroom to sell clothes; makes over Sh. 5,000 on a good day

Ben Gumo Priest is a versatile individual who has transitioned from a successful career in journalism to become a thriving entrepreneur and trainer.

With a background in mass communication, Gumo Priest recognized a gap in the men’s fashion industry and seized the opportunity to start his own men’s wear fashion business, Priesthood Collections.

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In addition to his fashion venture, he also embarked on training programs to equip salespeople with essential customer service skills and empower individuals in various aspects of their lives.

After completing his studies in mass communication at the Multimedia University of Kenya, Gumo Priest entered the world of journalism.

He worked with renowned radio stations such as Radio Umoja and Ghetto Radio, where he honed his skills as a business editor, news anchor, and reporter.

However, when the media firm he was working for underwent restructuring, Gumo Priest made a bold decision to opt for early retirement.

Utilizing the financial compensation he received, he ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, focusing on his passion for men’s fashion.

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“Through my interactions with individuals from various backgrounds, I discerned an untapped opportunity within the men’s fashion industry. It became evident that the majority of boutiques predominantly catered to women, neglecting the specific needs of men.” Gumo said in a past interview with the Standard.

Recognizing the lack of options for men in the fashion industry, Gumo Priest established Priesthood Collections, a men’s wear fashion line.

Initially starting with an online store, he later partnered with a friend to open a physical shop in Nairobi’s Imenti House.

Gumo Priest’s brand caters to men seeking stylish and trendy clothing options, providing them with a diverse range of outfits to choose from.

Expanding his entrepreneurial pursuits, Gumo Priest has also delved into tailor-made clothing, photography, and voice-over services.

By diversifying his business offerings, he demonstrates his commitment to meeting the evolving needs and desires of his customers.

While establishing his fashion business, Gumo Priest recognized another opportunity to make a positive impact.

He noticed a lack of business etiquette among salespeople, hindering effective communication with clients. With his expertise and experience, he decided to launch training programs focused on customer experience and human resources-related fields.

Gumo Priest aims to empower individuals with the necessary skills to excel in their professional and personal lives, fostering better relationships and improved interactions.

Gumo Priest’s training programs cater to individual organizations and companies, both locally and internationally. He has developed comprehensive training manuals that cater to the specific needs of his clients.

His training sessions can be conducted virtually or in person, depending on the preferences and requirements of the clients.

While Gumo Priest has a standard rate card for his services, he also welcomes customized rate cards based on the unique circumstances and economic capabilities of his clients.

Gumo Priest’s training programs and fashion business have garnered significant success. On a good day, he earns anywhere over Sh. 5,000.

By diversifying his business interests, he has positioned himself for further growth and expansion.

With his ventures into tailor-made clothing, photography, and voice-over services, Gumo Priest is capitalizing on his skills and leveraging multiple income streams.

Gumo Priest’s journey from journalism to entrepreneurship and training serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals seeking to pursue their passions and make a difference in multiple fields.

”Self-employment is not a walk in the park; it needs determination, self-discipline, and connecting with the right people. Be good at what you do and provide services that give you referrals in return. Be ready to learn and acquire new skills because that’s what will help you when challenges come.” Gumo advises.

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