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Join Bizna Kenya’s Bizna Club to grow your business revenues, network, customers

Leading business platform Bizna Kenya has launched a one month campaign as it seeks to recruit new members to its business mentorship and development club, Bizna Club.

The exercise, which is set to kick off on Friday, 1 March 2024, will grant the first 100 new members free advertisement of their businesses on Bizna platforms.

Established in 2018, Bizna Club is a community of individuals and businesses established to help each other grow through knowledge sharing and networking.

It consists of Individual, Business, and corporate member types whose membership is renewable annually.

The club helps businesses grow by creating value through a network of business owners, professionals, and other business enablers.

Among the benefits that Bizna Club members enjoy include various discounts, including on marketing articles and banners on, as well as on marketing products on all the company’s social media platforms, which boasts a huge following.

Reasons why you should be a member at Bizna Club

In addition, members access key enterprise development services, including consultancy, advisory, training coaching, and mentorship services, as well as regular small business seminars and workshops.

For members struggling with startups, Bizna Club sources business experts with facts and experience in such businesses to teach them a few tricks to scale their businesses.

The Club further organizes Regular networking events,  business tours, and sporting and recreation activities, giving members a taste of knowledge in various fields.

What’s more, Bizna Kenya prioritizes the club’s members first when it comes to discounted deals from its affiliate partners, including holiday vacations, shopping discounts, and tickets to events, among others.

One can either join the club as an individual, business, or corporate. With as little as sh1000, you can sign up for a silver membership. Gold membership costs sh2500 while Platinum membership goes for only sh5000.

Businesses and Corporates can sign up with as little as Sh10,000 and Sh100,000, respectively.

The benefits that accrue from this sign-up are so worthwhile. Register on Bizna Club Registration. The bigger the package, the higher the benefits.

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