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Football Betting: Boy, 17 brutally murdered after winning Ksh 200,000

By Jane Muia

Football Betting: Boy, 17 brutally murdered after winning Ksh 200,000

Detectives are investigating the death of 17-year-old Syengo Nyamai, who was brutally murdered and his body thrown in a thicket.

The form two student from Maliku area, Katulani, Kitui county, had won Ksh 200,000 in bonus in a Betika bet featuring Manchester United and Newcastle United on February 26.

He, however, kept the win a secret from his family. He went missing days after winning the lottery until his body was found in a thicket a few kilometres from his home, eyes gouged out, a broken right hand, and head injuries.

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The deceased who was a student at Mavindini Day Mixed Secondary School had plans to enrol in a boarding school, hinting that he would help his parents pay his fees. His elder brother Munyithya Nyamai also revealed that he had told two of his friends that he would travel to Likoni to visit other friends.

Regarding how he got an identification to register on the Betting platform, which only allows those above 18 to register, his brother said that Syengo used a neighbour’s ID.

Last seen

Syengo was last seen on Monday, February 27, when he left home for school in the morning. However, he did not return home in the evening, which was something unusual.

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He failed to return on the second day, which prompted his parents to question his whereabouts. After checking in at school, they were notified that Syengo did not arrive on the day he left home. The family reported the matter to the area chief.

Six days later, his body was found in a thicket a few kilometres from his home. Police suspect the deceased was killed elsewhere and the body dumped at the scene where he was found as there were motorcycle tyre tracks.

Police have arrested two of his friend who had news of his winnings. Police are yet to establish whether Syengo’s winning were withdrawn after his death.

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