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Why it’s cheaper to build than to buy a house in Kenya

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Build or Buy a House: In most countries, Kenya included, building a house can cost an arm and a leg. However, prices vary from town to town, depending on the design of the house and the cost and quality of building material used.

In Nairobi, just like in other major cities, most of the residents tend to rent. Quite many people, however, prefer to own their own homes. Owning a residential property can be fulfilled in two ways: buying a ready-made home or building your own from scratch.

There have been debates on which option is more cost-effective While most people will be considering building their own homes, some might prefer ready-made houses or apartments for immediate occupancy and preference to a given location.

When considering the two options, you will agree with us that buying land and building you own home is far more cost-effective as opposed to buying a ready house in many ways: You get to choose your location, your designs, your fittings and generally control all the aspects of your home. If you are one of those people looking to build your home from scratch, here are simple hacks to help ensure that you maintain the cost as low as you possibly can while maintaining high-quality standards.

  1. Buy a fully serviced plot of land

A serviced or value-added plot of land set aside for construction normally called a building lot is ready to build land mostly with amenities around them.

Most real estate companies will try and add value to their land by providing amenities to it, ensuring all the access are done and that the lots are ready for those that seek to settle immediately.

Common among them include Fanaka real estate with several fully serviced plots along kangundo road that sell for as little as Ksh. 700, 000 with installments option of up to 12 months.

It is way cheaper to build on an economical building plot that does not need you to pay public services or other costs such as clearing bushes or fixing drainage. Having not to pay for such drastically reduces the construction cost making it economical to build your own house.

  1. Go for a simple design

In construction, a simple detail like the design of the house you seek to build can greatly affect the total cost of constructing your house.

Why investing in land in Kenya is still a sure financial bet

When looking to build cheaply, having a simple design can help keep the cost low without jeopardizing the quality and the test of that which you look to construct as your home.

Sacrificing on the design of your house will also help keep the construction cost on the low. Depending on your plot size, you can decide to build a nice Bungalow or Maisonette.

Also, be sure to go for a simple roofing design as opposed to an intricate one to minimize the material used by avoiding too many wastages.

  1. Consider a maisonette

Going tall when looking to construct your house will help save on the space used and the general costs involved.

Depending on the location and availability of construction material building a storey house is a cost-effective way of keeping your construction cost the lowest you could.

Going tall is an excellent way to build cheaply in Kenya. This type of house can have the same amount of living, the catch is the foundation, and the roof will be much smaller.

  1. Recycle materials.

When building, you do not have to buy all the material you need. A cheap and more affordable way is to recycle. You can also go for second-hand quality construction material to help you cut the total cost of the house or construction you seek to do.

When considering to build your home, you will need to start by identifying the location and buying land on which your home will sit. One of the most affordable areas and the fastest-growing around Nairobi Metropolis are areas along Kangundo road in Kamulu, Joska, and Malaa.

Consider checking out Fanaka Real Estate, one of the leading players of affordable residential and commercial serviced land around Nairobi. Build or Buy a House.

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