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Man explains how to build semi-permanent house with only Sh. 250,000

With the cost of living in Kenya soaring high and showing no signs of slowing down, a good number of Kenyans have chosen to cut down their expenses to survive.

Many find it challenging to manage rent expenses within their current income and have chosen an alternative approach.

Building semi-permanent homes has become a popular choice, allowing them to save for the future and meet their financial obligations more comfortably.

A Kenyan man, with the YouTube username ‘Isaac Insight,’ uploaded a video on his channel detailing the construction of a modest and beautiful house with a budget of Sh. 80,000.

Isaac shared that he aims to help people who may not have the means to construct extravagant homes but still desire their own living space. Building a quality home demands a lot of capital.

Hence, Isaac took it upon himself to give a cost estimate quotation for constructing a semi-permanent home. This will serve until one has saved enough funds to construct a permanent mansion.

“In life, everything goes step by step. Some started with semi-permanent and then went to permanent,” he said.

He began by stating one needs to prepare during the house-building process. According to him, the most financially burdening step is the purchase of iron sheets.

When it comes to iron sheets, one can choose either corrugated or galvanized types. Isaac recommended Dumuzas, a galvanized iron sheet with zinc coating for around Sh. 1300 per sheet.

He also advised viewers to refrain from feeling pressured to purchase costly building materials, especially when facing budget constraints.

“Fight the pressure from people around you. They are the reason why you might not succeed because of unworthy pressure.”

Here is a total breakdown of his quotation for a semi-permanent home in a rural area:

Iron sheets (Mabati): Sh. 54,000

Timber and Frames: Sh. 15,000

Nails (Roofing and normal nails): Sh. 7,000

Fundi Labour: Sh. 10,000

Total: Sh. 86,000 (at most)

Up to this point, his budget breakdown does not include the costs of plastering and painting. Additional expenses will be necessary for these final stages of construction.

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To carry out plastering, one will need materials such as cement, sand, and barbed wire to reinforce the house’s framework.

40 bags of Cement: Sh. 35,000

1 tipper truck (small) carrying ballast: Sh. 9,000

Barbed wire: Sh. 5,000

Disclaimer: The mentioned prices will largely vary depending on the size or plinth area of the house.

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