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Can you build a three bedroom house with Sh. 800,000?

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Building Three Bedroom House in Kenya: The following piece on building three bedroom house in Kenya appeared in one of the popular news sites in the country. It does not in any form or shape represent the position of Bizna Kenya. Bizna Kenya would, however, love to hear from you on what costs you incurred when constructing your house, and whether you agree with the following quotation: Share your views below:

“A Kenyan has explained how he managed to build a three bedroom house with Ksh. 800,000.He managed to build this house for Ksh 800,000 and here is what he did.

I know for sure..with 800k unajenga nyumba ya 3bedroom na unaingia na unaishi. The problem with people here ni kugongwa. Wacheni kupeana nyumba yako kwa contractors. If u have your own plot, be a hands on kinda guy..

SEE: Building a house in Kenya: Costs and Requirements (Updated 2019)

Tafuta watu wakuchimbie msingi. That will cost you like 5k at most. Nunua materials angusha site. The most you can spend na slab ya foundation ya 3 bedroom house is 200k. Hii ni including labour. Slab ikiisha ipatie siku mbili huku unaifanyia curing.

Then unaanza courses. Fundi anafaa kujenga 120ft per day. So kama nyumba ni ya course 9, in one day inafaa akujengee course tatu. So in three days nyumba imefika kwa lintel. Hii cost yote ni kama 100k to 150k.

Then after ushakoroga lintel carpenter anaingia. Hapa sasa ndio kuna shida kulingana na mahali unatoa mbao. So jiwekee kama 200k ya roofing. Hii ni mbao na mabati na fundi. Hii roofing ikiendelea ushachomesha milango na madirisha. Hii ni kama 50k cost peke yake.

Roofing na milngo na dirisha fixed then unaanza plumbing na electrical work weka 50k. Then piga plaster hio ingine unamaliza ukiwa ndani. And that my friend is how you get involved hii mambo ya kuwachia sijui contractor ndio maana mnashtuka mtu akisema ametumia 800k kujenga a three bedroom house.”

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  1. You are just dreaming my friend how on earth plumbing ya 3bedrooms can cost 50k and you didn’t state the cost of the materials

  2. Tuambiane ukweli unless unajenga rooms ndogo kama choo.. but a descent 3 bedroom house ukijijengea bila contractor will cost you 2M- 2.5M.

  3. Very much possible. I guess those commenting otherwise already have their 3 bedroom with high costs so they want to cover up. I AM BUILDING MINE WITH THIS COST!

    • Wewe im sure kazi yako si nzuri… Good people don’t work like that. Materials huwezi nihonga cenye mafundi wanadictate where to buy materials… I jusg only labour otherwise i think kazi ya elecrical ni kazi ya macho tu. Hyo mimi tunafanya na wewe kama hutaki najifanyia mwenyewe.

  4. To plan the budget vocally is very easy and cheap… But on the ground you will find that 800k is not enough.See, many people/clients tend to think that after putting up the skeleton part of the construction(complete building without finishes) the building is now complete, but thats not the case, finishes cost alot money right from fittings (electrical and plumbing) to plastering to painting. You might spend almost double the cost of the skeleton construction just to do finishes.
    Oh and theres no mention of the drawings costs and approval fees, they also incurr cost of the 3br house…

  5. This is a serious joker who has no idea about putting up a house. You live in theoretical world. Do not cheat kenyans. Cost ya chuma, Lintel cost, Stones, sand, ballast ati fundi anajenga 120 ft na unalipa 50k watu wa mkono mabati na mbao za roof 200k you are a serious fraud. Plan ya nyumba peke yake ni pesa ngapi, approve to county neema what have you. Milangao madirisha not less than 100k anyway wewe enda jenga alf ucome tuongee.

  6. The person talks of a general construction considering good murram soils so less backfill ie hard core. But from experience give 1m. No mention of glazing. But amesema you finish while inside which is OK for a hustler.

  7. Am a contractor and it’s possible to construct such a house with 800k , location of the site,distance to Materials matter alot

  8. kplc,water and waste disposal connection fees will range from 100k to as high as 300k depending on the system used these is not in cluded on your 800k house also the consultants fees and approval fees that will be between 100k to 200k depending on your location,,,,,,,etc the write should do his research first before posting hogwash….

  9. It’s possible in a rural set-up, whereby you bake your own local bricks, have tress for timber/or you can buy trees yourself, sand is cheaper from the remote rivers etc

  10. Big joker. Excavation pekee ni about 40k you quote 5k, kama fundi anajenga 120ft per day, what is the perimeter of the house you multiply that by 12 courses not 9, after lintel there are two more courses before you get to the lowest level of the roof, to get the elevation you have to add other courses, yaani wewe ata nyumba ya kuku mimi huwezi nijengea coz you are so out of touch with the reality. People with your train of thought ndio wanachukua loan then nyumba inakwama katikati na bado unalipa rent.

  11. It’s very possible. Avoid contractor but you need to be on the ground. By the metals for windows and doors and invite a welder to welding at your place and pay him labour only. Buy all the Electricals and plumbing materials mwenyewe. Very possible Especially in Rural Setup

  12. Amesema io ingine utamalizia ukiwa ndani. Ni part of the coast na hujaquate cost yake. And also it will depend na quality ya materials unatumia.

  13. So many things left out not unless he bought the materials first plus this dream is only achievable in a rural set up

  14. It is very possible depending on how far the site is, from where you are getting the material. This helps in cutting the transport cost, and also the quality of the material will natter. Guys this is possible and infact 800k seems to be on the higher side for the three bedroomed house depending on where one’s location.

  15. You people do you really understand English ?? Or you just read fast and leave your comments just to be hard.
    The guy states with 800k you can build a house and some finishes you will do ukiwa ndani..
    A good standard three bedroom in Nairobi costs 1.5 unless you fooled.
    In NAKURU it costs 1.2 .
    ®Talking through experience.

  16. As far as you are aselfish man then you can talk like this, such people can’t build their house they have fake friends who cheat themselves in abar somewhere after they get drunk, am a plumber by profession but three bedroom icant take 50k for my job, remember chasing, piping, sanitary fittings, drainage, sewer, tank installation oh my that’s a joke of the day!!!!

  17. This misreading, I have been in construction for long. Your story not applicable unless on a movie. Share the plan I prepare bill of quantity for free. Don’t cheat Kenyans. 0710981063

  18. Am amazed that ni mafundi wanaongea kwa ukali hapa to defend mahali wanakulia. personally i just built a smart 3 bedroom house that am leaving in right now. I used 540k only so far, nimebakisha tu cealing, wiring and painting nimalize. Of course i can’t deny i didn’t go through process of getting approvals, and plan. nilitafuta fundi tu nikamwelezea venye nataka nyumba ikae, akaniandikia materials, i ordered all from one hardware at a wholesale subsidised cost na wakaniletea kwa site for free. Then sand, ballast, hardcore and Stones from one supplier direct from quarry, thats it, here iam. Inshort i was actively involved in building my house all through, lakini pia wale wanateta ni wale wako hands off, they want their money work for them and truely hiyo pesa inatumika sawasawa.

  19. The Original Poster is correct depending on which part of the country is being talked about. I have built 4 homes for ABNB and each of these 3 bedroomed homes did cost slightly below kshs 800,000 and this was between 2019 and 2022 February in Taita Taveta county.

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