How business owners can prevent their businesses from being affected by 2017 General elections

General elections are more likely to interfere with the operations of businesses located within urban centers. Kenya’s July 2017 general elections may cause unexpected reactions from both winners and losers of elections.This could have a negative impact on businesses. It is important for business owners to ensure the business is well protected from any uncertainties that could result from elections.

Since the general elections are due in July, any delicate and expensive equipment for the business should be bought later in the year when elections are over. This is because of frequent occurrence of high insecurity and looting cases after or during elections. such equipment could be stolen leading to huge amounts of loses to business owners.

Alternately, when Election Day is approaching, the equipment (if portable) could be moved to a more secure location.They can be kept there until elections are over and normal business activities throughout the country have resumed.

A business owner could invest on installation of high quality security measures for the business. Installation of high quality surveillance e.g. by CCTV cameras will aid in curbing possible theft from the business by members of the public.

Business owners could also hire or increase the number of security guards to guard the premises.

An alternative action that could be undertaken by business owners is construction of concrete walls around premises. Also construction of high quality doors and windows for premises. This will minimize breakages into business premises.

Potential Investors should be approached by entrepreneurs after elections. General elections usually discourage investors from investing in a business due to the fear of businesses being affected by elections. Election violence can cause immense damage and subsequent loses to the business.

Any intended business expansion should be done after elections. New business premises could preferably be set up in more secure locations. In this case, business owners should avoid setting up business premises within the CBD. This is because location within the CBD makes the business an easy target for destruction in the occurrence of election violence. Alternatively, the business could be located in the outskirts of major towns. This way, the business will be less affected.

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