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Profitable businesses you can start in Kenya with Sh.20,000 – Sh.100,000

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Businesses you can start with 100k in KenyaProfitable businesses you can start in Kenya with Sh.20,000 – Sh.100,000: Writing for a leading Kenyan newspaper, Ms. Wambui Mbuthia has collected a list of ten highly profitable businesses that you can start if you have between Sh. 20,000 and Sh. 100,000.

These businesses you can start in Kenya with Sh.20,000 – Sh.100,000 also come with their start-up capitals that is within this range. Below is the full set of businesses as explained by Ms. Mbuthia.

With this list of businesses you can start in Kenya with Sh.20,000 – Sh.100,000, you no longer have to wait to be employed, but can instead move on and become your own boss.

“Kenyans are now opting to venture into businesses that will bring income and keep them going. With different amounts of starting capital, there are several options for those willing to quit the job hunt and be their own bosses,” cites Ms. Mbuthia.

Here are the businesses you can start in Kenya with Sh.20,000 – Sh.100,000 and their exact start-up amounts;

Movie shop KES 70,000 – 100,000

To start a movie shop, you will require renting a stall and purchase equipment. Reliable internet is also key to running the business so you can keep up with emerging videos for clients. Locating your shop close to Universities will obviously place you in a better position as they are willing clients.

Businesses you can start with 100k in Kenya: Salon Business KES 50,000 – 100,000

A salon is defined by its location, services available among other factors. Renting a room and purchasing update equipment will make your business stand out. The kind of interior design you choose for your salon will define the class your clients place it.

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Car Wash Business KES 50,000 – 100,000

Kenyans are buying cars now more than ever. You can easily tap into washing the cars for them by starting with at least 15 cars daily. You will require an easy to access yard, reliable source of water, water storage and equipment.

Businesses you can start with 100k in Kenya

Butchery 50, 000- 80,000

Meat is perishable and venturing into it requires ample planning. A good location with potential clients should be your first lookout. Getting a reliable source of meats is also key in venturing in the butchery business. Close proximity to a slaughterhouse may do more good.

Money transfer 20,000- 50,000

Money transfers hit the country with a bang with almost every Kenyan using MPesa almost ion a daily basis. Operating a money transfer business requires a branded shop, an ETR machine, registration and need by clients. Siting a good location for this may not be hard as money transfer is required everywhere every time.


Commercial cleaning 80,000- 100,000

Companies and businesses have long stopped hiring their own cleaners and are now contracting outside companies to get the work done. You will require reliable staff, equipment, and materials to get this done. To get clients, you will need to market your company, by letting possible clients know your brand and consider giving you a tender.

Boda Boda business 50,000- 80,000

The Boda Bodas make one of the fastest growing business in Kenya with many Kenyans using boda-bodas to carry our errands and reach places they could walk to before. Every town and shopping center has a number of boda-boda operators who ferry people to and fro. To begin this, you’ll need to purchase or rent a motorbike, protective gear and you’ll be ready to go.

Online accessories store 30,000- 40,000

Technology has enabled so many things to happen with much ease. Operating an online shop only requires you to have a social platform where potential clients can see your brand and make orders. Popular online shops include those of accessories, clothes, shoes, kitchenware among others. Accompanying your products with pictures is a good marketing strategy in this case.

Daycare 20,000- 30,000

Kenya has many working people with children who they have to leave during working hours. In the past, these children were left with nannies and house helps but now things are different.

Daycares offer parents a chance to leave the children under professional care in their preferred environment. To open a daycare, you have to secure a children friendly environment, facilities and to market your brand.

Milkbar 20,000- 30,000

Milk, being perishable requires careful handling. To venture into this business, you will need a refrigeration system, reliable supply of milk and an identified market gap. With the coming of milk ATMs, you can be able to grow the business to supply milk to a large group of clients.

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