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9 reasons why you should buy a new car in Kenya

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Buying a New Car in Kenya: Buying a new car is an exciting experience. You visit both offline and online car dealerships in a bid to compare prices and possibly, find something you like. There is a debate as to whether it’s a good idea to buy a new or a used car. Below are some great reasons why buying a new car in Kenya is the best choice.

1. They are reliable

After your house, your car is probably the second most expensive item you can invest in. When you spend a lot of money on a commodity, you expect it to be of great quality. Most new cars that come into the country are very reliable with few being called back as a result of malfunctioning. Of course, the older generation may feel that modern cars are a bit weaker given the material that is used but they come with great perks. Things like advanced safety features, great infotainment systems and more refined cabins.

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  1. Car Warranty

Just like any other machine known to man, a car can malfunction at any time. This is inclusive of brand new cars. The good news is that if you buy a brand new car and it breaks down before the period that the warranty covers, you do not have to spend too much money on repairs. All you have to do is take the car back to the dealership and they will help you.

3. Advanced Safety Features

When buying a car, most people look at the safety features that the car comes with. A new car is bound to come with more advanced safety features as opposed to a used car. Car manufacturers work round the clock to ensure that cars that are released into the market are better than the previous models. Safety is more important if you happen to be a parent. features such as blind-spot detection will appeal to you. A car like the Toyota Rush is one of the most sought after family cars in the market currently because of its amazing safety features.

4. Fuel Efficiency

Life in Kenya is quite expensive. You should buy a car that can save you money in the fuel department. The new cars market offers you a variety of fuel-efficient cars be it high breed, plugin or electric. Furthermore, these cars are environmentally friendly since they are engineered to emit less waste. Some used cars are not fuel-efficient so you may want to consider a brand new car if you want a fuel-efficient car.

5. Technology

A lot of technological advancement has taken place in the motor industry. A car that was the in-thing in the ‘60s is now seen as junk or may have gotten a new status of a classic car. This is attributed to the fact that in the ‘60s things like a tape recorder were a big deal. Fast forward to 2020, there is hardly any vehicle that can still play a cassette. Therefore if you are tech-savvy and you want to keep up with the trends, consider buying a new car as opposed to a used car.

6. Incentives

When you buy a brand new car in Kenya you will find that the taxes are subsidized. If you import a car into the country, you may have to pay up to 70% of the retail price as taxes. Isn’t it better to buy a car that has already been cleared and save some money?

  1. Financing

The biggest problem when buying a car is the finances. New cars are quite expensive. On the bright side, it is also easier to get financial assistance when buying a new car rather than a used car. Reason being that asset finance partners feel like you will be more inclined to service the loan.

8. Style

The type of car you drive speaks volumes about you. If you want to drive a stylish car, then a  brand new car is the best option for you. A new car assures you of the latest trends in style as well as all the other perks that come with owning a new car. Besides, what is wrong with wanting the best there is?

9. Invoice Pricing

Invoice price is the lowest possible amount you can pay when buying a new car. Dealerships offer this price when they try to persuade car shoppers to buy the car. Why pay more elsewhere when you can get a car that you really want at an affordable price? In case you are shopping online, use the Cheki True Price Tool to get the correct value of the car.

Summary: Buying a New Car in Kenya

Buying a new car is good. They are reliable, safe and technologically advanced. They are indeed expensive to purchase but it is all worth it in the long run.

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