Friday, May 27, 2022

Can Freelance Writing Pay my Bills?

Freelance Writing: I am fascinated by the team that has started training early this morning. This confirms to me that people have understood the worth of freelancing and how it works.

I feel the number is already too big for my handling. However, this calls for more effort, commitment, and sleepless nights which is part of my life.

Misconception about Writing

Today, I would like to talk about one misconception: Online writing is a lazy job. It is for anyone who has lost direction and who has failed in life.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Online writing is for high spirited individuals, energetic, and those who can go out of their way to produce quality content even beyond the client’s expectations.

If you can sacrifice your sleep to meet deadlines, this is your field. If you can work in diversified fields, writing should be on your list. If you are committed and you can concentrate on something for long hours; join research writing.

Back to the first point: Can I depend on freelancing? You can surely do it if you are not in the category mentioned above.

Posting Remote Jobs Online: How to Do it Right

I must admit that very few people are competent writers in the industry. For the few, they are always working hard to complete the numerous projects on their table.

Competent writers understand that there are those assignments you can never outsource for writers. There are those special well-paying clients who expect a specific tone, format, and language that only ‘you’ can meet. Thus, they have to work for long hours to ensure that this is met. With that, they are assured of a consistent flow of income throughout the year.

What’s my point? If you earnestly love writing, not just for money but it is part of you; you are welcome to join us. Secondly, if you are teachable and ready to make corrections, feel free to join us. Sometimes it is not about how much you can handle but how well you can handle the little you have been given.

If you feel that you are ready for this, take advantage of the present opportunity on the website Luminous Writers

WhatsApp +254 714 775 874



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