Saturday, July 13, 2024


Email Etiquette – A Professional’s Perspective

Email Etiquette - A Professional's Perspective By Millicent Mello, An Experienced Banker And Business Writer Recently I found myself in a situation that required that...

How Safaricom’s BYOB Kisumu extravaganza took place

The Safaricom Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) extravaganza took place at the Kisumu ASK Show Ground in Mamboleo over the weekend. The show brought together...

Things nobody will tell you before you start a business

Things nobody will tell you before you start a business: There are quite a number of things things that nobody will tell you before you...

The 7 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Every Startup Makes

No matter what kind of business you start, some marketing mistakes are inevitable. But startups in particular must navigate a unique set of marketing...

3 Sure Ways to Fail as an Entrepreneur in 2018

No one likes to fail. That’s why it’s beneficial to constantly review your goals and business plan and see where you can improve. It’s...



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