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Canada visa requirements for Kenyans and how to apply

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Canada visa requirements for Kenyans: A step by step procedure on how to apply for a Canadian passport:

Canada visa requirements for Kenyans: Types of Canadian visa

It is essential for individuals going to Canada to have an understanding of immigration paths offered by the Canadian government. One of the most vital things to consider includes types of Visa’s offered.

Visa types are categorized into:

1). Temporary Residence

Student visa– Allows students across the world to study in Canada. A Canadian student visa application requires one to have a letter of acceptance from the institution in Canada. He or she should also have proof of the ability to support his or her studies.

Work permits- This is a visa permit for individuals who wish to work in Canada temporarily. This is when a job offer has been approved by the Canadian government through the Labour Market Impact Analysis process.

Canadian Tourist visa- It permits foreigners to tour Canada. It is valid for about six months from the date of issue. There are two categories of applications for a Canadian tourist visa; single and multiple entry visa. Single Entry visa allows an individual to travel once to Canada while multiple entry permits many times for a duration of six months.

2. Permanent Residence Canadian

Experience visa- Those working in Canada temporarily are eligible for a permanent residence. This visa is only available for skilled workers who have met language requirements and have worked in the country for about 12 months.

France Visa requirements for Kenyans (Updated 2019)

Federal skilled worker visa- It is awarded to foreign nationals who live in and out of Canada. Applicants are assessed based on their education, work experience, as well as knowledge of English and French languages.

Canada visa requirements for Kenyans

To start the Canadian visa application online, you will be required to fill a visa application form in Kenya. Here are Canadian visa application requirements.

Requirements you must meet before applying for a Canada Tourist Visa  / Document Checklist

1. Two photographs, meeting the photograph specifications, for each applicant (scanned photos are not acceptable). Signed, dated and taken in the past 6 months. Applicants who need to give their biometrics do not need to submit paper photographs.

2. Consent to verification of documents form

3. Family Information Form IMM 5645, fully completed, dated and signed.

4. Completed and signed Schedule 1 form (Application for Temporary Resident Visa – IMM

5. Valid passport from each applicant. Your passport should be valid for at least six months from the date of travel to Canada. The validity of a visa cannot go beyond the validity of the passport. If there are not at least 2 blank pages, you will have to obtain a new passport (no additional sheets). Include all cancelled or expired passports as proof of previous trips.

6. Explain the purpose of your trip – details of your itinerary in Canada, provisional travel arrangements (airline or hotel booking), letter of invitation from the person or business you will visit, registration at a conference, letter from your employer (as applicable).

7. Proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses for the duration of your visit. (  If you have travelled to Canada in the last ten (10) years or currently hold a valid United States nonimmigrant visa and can provide proof (entry stamps in the passport, proof of the valid visa), no proof of financial support is needed.)

  • For all others, provide proof of financial support to cover the expenses for the
    duration of your visit:

– Copies of bank statements or bank book covering the past three months.

– Any additional relevant documentation (employment letter, pay slips, proof of pension, business registration, investments, etc.)

If you are not paying for your own trip:

  • Provide a letter signed by the person paying and photocopy of their passport or other official identification with photo and a bank certificate proving that they have sufficient funds.
  • Describe how the person is related to you.
  • These documents must be dated within three months of the date on which the application is made.

8. Explain the purpose of your trip.

9. Other documents (family, financial, employment, property ties) in order to satisfy the officer that you will return to your country of residence after your visit.

10. Self-addressed pre-paid return courier envelope to return your passport and documents.

11. If applicable, you must also submit:
A letter from your employer, stating your employment status, your length of service, your position, salary and allowances, authorization of leave for the length of stay in Canada, and the date you are expected to return to work. If you are travelling on business, the letter should also outline the purpose of your trip, and include the names and addresses of
the companies you will visit. If you are self-employed, please provide evidence of your business (business registration, license and financial documents etc.).

12. If you are planning to visit a friend or relative, please provide a letter of invitation. In addition, your host in Canada may, if they wish, submit documents to support your application, including the following:
– The immigration status of the host in Canada, such as the photocopy of the host’s Canadian permanent resident card, passport, or citizenship card.

13. For the Business trip, please provide:
– Business registration
– Financial documents: for example income tax statements, accounting documents, end of year financial report, bank statements,
– Official invitation from your business contacts in Canada inviting you with all required information (names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, purpose and length of trip, and funding arrangements.

14. For a conference, training or official visit, please provide:
– Mission order (government), Verbal Note
– Letter from your employer confirming your trip, stamped, signed and dated within the current month with a detailed reason for travel, length of stay, and the position
of the traveller

– Official invitation from your Canadian contacts, including the names of the travellers and their positions,
-Proof of registration for a conference

– Proof of financial support for travel expenses, transportation and expenses during your stay in Canada.

15. For Parents and Grandparents Super Visa, please provide:
-A letter of invitation written by your child or grandchild which outlines the arrangements for your care and support. The letter must also indicate the number of individuals residing in the inviter’s household.
-Proof that you have private medical insurance valid for a minimum of one year from a
The Canadian insurance company and that:
o Covers health care, hospitalization, and repatriation;
o Provides a minimum coverage of $100,000, and is valid for each entry to Canada and available for review by a port of entry

– If you are visiting your spouse and children please provide Originals of Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificates for each family member applying for a visa.

16. For school please provide a Proof of enrolment in school – a current letter and transcript from the educational institution you are attending.

17. You may be required to undergo a medical examination

Canada visa requirements for Kenyans: How to apply

You can apply in either of the two ways below for a tourist visa.

  • Apply Online
  • Apply on paper

Canada visa requirements for Kenyans: How to apply online

To apply online, one has to access a digital camera or scanner that aids in Canadian visa application online procedure. Visit IRCC website and analyze information regarding the requirements needed. Afterwards download a checklist together with an application form that matches with your purpose for visiting.

Fill the essential fields in the form electronically and print. Avail supporting documents as stipulated in IRCC specification. Ensure you fill and sign the waiver form then attach to your application form. Read and understand the policy outlined in CVAC consent form then fill it accordingly.

Ensure you pay for the biometric and CVAC service charge in accordance to the Canadian visa application fee. Organize your documents to the specification given by IRCC. The supporting documents, and application forms are then forwarded to the Canadian Embassy in Kenya visa application department.

Don’t forget to include CVAC form, photograph, passport and proof of service fee. One can easily check citizenship or immigration status online depending on what you had applied for. If unable to check your status of Canadian visa application online, use processing times. This gives a guidance on how long it takes to process the request.

After sending an inquiry email, a response is given after five working days. Visa office evaluates and decides whether you will be interviewed. If you qualify for the interview, they will let you know the place and time. If your application is rejected you will be sent a letter explaining the reasons.

Application Fees

Canada Visa Fees For Kenyan Citizens 

Type of Visa Fees in Canadian dollars Fees in Kenyan shillings
Visitor visa (including super visa) per person 100 7,745
Visitor visa – family (5 or more) 500 38,720


To be eligible to pay the maximum fee of $500 (in Canadian dollars):

  • family members must all apply at the same time and the same place
  • your children must qualify as dependants

On October 24, 2017, the age limit for dependants changed from “under 19” to “under 22.” To pay the right fees for your family, check if your children qualify as a dependant here.

Biometrics (if required) – Fees
Per person 85 6,580
Family 170 13,170
Group of performing artists – 3 or more 255 19,750

Step 5 :

Pay the required Visa Service Charges and any fees for additional services as outlined here.

The payment for applications mailed in from outside Kenya will be through a swift transfer of funds to The Canada Visa Application Centre account details below

Account name: VFS (Kenya) Limited
Country: Kenya
Currency: Kenya Shilling
Bank Name: Barclays Bank
Branch: Barclays Plaza
Street: Loita Street – Nairobi
Bank Account No. 2027878655
IBAN No. 2027878655
Chips UID/Sort code: 03

Payer: (Name, date of birth, passport number, contact number, address), Type of visa, service charge, and any optional service fee. The fees should be paid per applicant.

Canada visa requirements for Kenyans: How to apply on paper

To apply on paper, download the application form for your visa here and make sure you have met the relevant checklist requirements we mentioned earlier and then follow the steps below.

Fill out the visa application form

Read the instruction guide and carefully fill up the application form. Note that the completed application must include the barcode page.  Your application may be returned or refused if you do not provide all the requested information, documents, and fees.

Step 3: Pay the processing fee

Pay the fees for your visa application. Fees must be paid via bank draft or certified cheque.  We had listed the Canada Visa Fees for Kenyans above.

Step 4: Visit Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC)

Visit the Canada Visa Application Centre located at Parkfield Building, 5th Floor, Muthangari Drive, Off Waiyaki Way. Remember to carry your passport, photographs, completed forms and all supporting documents as per checklist and CIC fee instrument and payment instructions.

Step 5: Submit your application form

At the CVAC submit your completed application and pay your service charges. You will receive a receipt. This receipt will contain your unique tracking number which is necessary to track the progress of your application online. You will also be required to give your biometrics.

Step 6: Track your application online

Using the unique tracking number, you can track your application here.

How Long does it take to get a Canadian Visa for Kenyan Citizens / Canada Visa Application Processing Time

It takes an average of 15 days to process a visa to Canada for Kenyan citizens.  Please remember that processing times can vary, depending on how many applications IRCC receives. Your application may be delayed if your application forms are not complete.

N/B: In the event that your application is not complete, the CVAC will send you an email to let you know about any deficiency(is) in your application. Please ensure you provide all the necessary documents to the Canada Visa Application Centre within 5 working days from the date the email is sent. Should you fail to provide the required documents within 5 working days, the CVAC will return your application.

Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC) office in Nairobi location and contacts. 

Office Address:
Canada Visa Application Centre
Parkfield Building, 5th Floor,
Muthangari Drive, Off Waiyaki Way
Opposite Safaricom House, Westlands
P.O. Box 25180 00100
Nairobi, Kenya.

Days of Operation:
They are open from Monday – Friday except on Kenyan public holidays.

Hours of Operation:
Acceptance of Application:
08:00 – 16:00 Applicants / Representatives

Passport Pass Back:
08:00 – 16:00 Applicants / Representatives

Helpline phone numbers and Email:
Helpline number: +254788343795, +254 704343795

Email: [email protected]

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